August 28, 2014

CVLT Nation Interviews
Horseback Part One

May 8, 2012 0 3  

Hello Jenks, thank you so much for doing this interview. How is everything in the Horseback camp? Great, thanks Bryan. The Invisible Mountain was the album that really put Horseback ...

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Screenprints & Drawings
David D’Andrea & Glyn Smyth

Apr 26, 2012 1 3  

This spring is so far a celebration of metal! With Roadburn just passed, now we are setting our sights on the upcoming Heavy Days in Doomtown, soon to be darkening ...

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A Matter of Life & Death
Epic Group Show

Apr 19, 2012 0 1  

Four artists I have the utmost respect for, Dan Harding, Jeremy Hush, Halsey Swain & Elli Adams are bringing their images of doom and darkness to the Screaming Sky Gallery ...

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Breath of the Black Muse
Art Opening Tomorrow!

Apr 5, 2012 0 2  

Tomorrow at 7pm, Breath of the Black Muse opens at the Black Vulture Gallery in Fishtown, PA. This celebration of the macabre arts is the first of a series of ...

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Blackmeat: the abstractions ov Konstantin Tarasov & Pavel Lyakhov

Mar 29, 2012 0 4  

Blackmeat is an artgroup consisted of two russian artists Konstantin Tarasov and Pavel Lyakhov, whom I have not been able to collect very much converse from, yet have spurned my ...

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Lights & Shadows…
Claudio Parentela

Mar 29, 2012 0 0  

Enter a world of technicolor madness, with patterns assaulting your eyes in blinding color and images tearing at your retinas with whirling movement. This is the universe of Claudio Parentela, ...

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Invasion of “Cheap” Movie Posters!

Mar 22, 2012 0 1  

“Cheap” movies always have a special place in my heart, be it film noir, exploitation, surreal, ‘cult’, horror, or even sci-fi. Not just about the cheesy stories, but they also ...

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Better Than A Poke In The Eye: The Art Of Tim Jacobus

Mar 9, 2012 2 4  

I’ve always been interested with visual art since my early years, I bought and collected various Japanese comics when I was around 8 or 9. But when I came to ...

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Surrealists Game: Exquisite Corpse

Mar 1, 2012 5 4  

As a visual artist, doing art collaboration is always fun and keeps me creative. Especially if the artist we collaborate with has a unique style, or if the technique is ...

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Make Your Eyes Bleed…
Fire Mass Zine

Feb 28, 2012 0 2  

My favorite issues of Juxtapoz have always been the ones that feature dark, weird and disturbing artwork – but there are always a lot of pages I skip through to ...

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