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Photos: Gemma Shaw The other day we announced tour dates for Wrekmeister Harmonies and Bell Witch, who will be painting everything black across the US (with one tiny stop in Vancouver, Canada – thank you!!!). You can see all the dates here. Bell Witch is one of those names that

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NOISE NOISE NOISE! Japan’s AKKA played their first USA show ever at the Rock Room. Our comrade in photos Em Demarco was on hand to capture these intense shots! AKKA is the SHIT!

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My whole adult life, I have had a love/hate relationship with NYC. At this point in my life, I just don’t dig how it’s losing its gritty side due to gentrification. On a recent trip back, I saw that the places I used to hang out at are now gone, and have been turned into

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When I’m in Japan, I’m always amazed by how at home I feel. I love that country, and the seedy side of Tokyo is pretty awesome as well. Many of my favorite creative beings come from the Land of the Rising Sun, one of them being Nobuyoshi Araki. His photography is sexual,

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Photos and Text: Colton Bills Being a South Bay Area transplant I was more than happy to hear that Negative Standards were coming to Vancouver. Getting to photograph them was the fun part. There were 10 or 15 people inside. I bought a beer to have something to do. The

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The Manson Murders and the trial that followed kept the world’s attention for many years to follow. The drama surrounding this case was to the next level, from what was taking place outside of the courthouse to what was being said inside it. Check out these up close flicks of Charles Manson

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Extreme Japanese Bondage, Amazing Art, Snakes, Death In Technicolor and Morbid History are some of the reasons why Dirty Scarab is CVLT Nation’s favorite tumblr this week. I get lost in this well-curated page every time I enter. Now it’s your chance to encounter the Dirty Scarab tumblr page. I find my inspiration

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Photos/Video: Lewis Royden Lewis Royden Interviews Chris Alliston On the 9th October of this year, legendary head banging veterans The Melvins arrived in Manchester UK to lay siege to the North on their European tour. Illustrator Chris Alliston was set the task of creating the poster for the event and

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David Scott was the person from the 1970’s/80’s community at Venice Beach, California that captured our young lives on film. He would walk that boardwalk with his beagle dog and take photos of all of us just being ourselves. His photos are snapshot of an era that can never be lived

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This year, Mihai Barabancea intensely real photo book about the underbelly of Romania, Overriding Sequence, came out via Asociația pentru Artă Ilfoveanu Publishing. If you do get your hands on this book, be ready to see gun-toting kids, junkies with no shame and sex in public. This is what Mihai had to say

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Joel-Peter Witkin is a prolific and controversial photographer who has been freaking people out for more than 20 years with his grotesquely beautiful images. Witkin’s subjects range from dwarfs to transsexuals, from living and breathing to rotting corpses, and are, more often than not, naked. His style of photography is

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A few weeks ago, Montreal was taken over by the phenomenon known as VARNING! From September 24th to 26th at COOP KATACOMBES, a massive amount of noise and energy was created, and Darryl Reid was on hand to capture it for us! Says Darryl: “It was a rager and a ton of

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