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Being a child of the child of the 70’s and 80’s, images of Satan and the occult were everywhere, from late night horror movies to books that exploited the underworld. I can’t forget all of of the killer record covers from this era – Sex, Nudity, Motorcycles and Bondage went hand in

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The more you ignore him the closer he gets. The Smiths’ influence on the indie rock of today is undeniable, yet when it comes to their controversial front man Morrissey he is either vilified or canonized. There are few casual fans of Morrissey’s solo career. Morrissey fans are possessed by

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To me, most of the time true evil is committed by people that see themselves as “normal,” and many times done by humans who see themselves as holier than most. Women are often on the receiving end of this type of evil, from forced female circumcision (genital mutilation), to forced suicide when their

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The members of  THROBBING GRISTLE are some of the most interesting artists to come out of the UK in the past century. These humans have made it their mission to shake up the status quo on every fucking level, and for that I rate them. I was a little too young to

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End Time City is the name of the intense portrait book created by MICHAEL ACKERMAN in 1999. His journey took him to the Indian city of Benares (Varanasi), the holy City of Light on the shore of the Ganges. When I look at his photos all I can do is marvel at his

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Photos: Nathaniel Shannon Murder City Devils are on the road, and we’ve got a rad photo essay from their NYC show at Webster Hall via our comrade Nathanial Shannon. There are two shows remaining in their mini Texas Tour tour – tonight in Dallas and tomorrow in San Antonio – so

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Brass - Milton Stille
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At the beginning of this year, Vancouver’s local underground music aficionados Not Your Scene celebrated their 3rd anniversary as our favourite spot to see coverage of all the local shows, alongside esteemed promoters Art Signified, at a massive two-day fest that brought the walls down at The Astoria. The talented

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All Photo & Text by Milton Stille New Year’s Eve shows have always been a special kind of beast. Many promoters are apprehensive to compete with every other party in town, and it’s not every band that really wants to deal with that. Furthermore, once you’ve spent as much time behind

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When I look at the photography of Edward Sheriff Curtis and the way he captured the pain and beauty of so many of the First Nations people, I’m amazed by what I see. When I think of true evil, I think about how the first peoples of the Americas were slaughtered

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One of the biggest influences in my life was this wild hardcore kid that was around 6 years older than me and played in the band America’s Hardcore. I remember the first day I approached Drew Bernstein and asked him if he would silkscreen a t-shirt for me. His answer

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I’m pretty sure I have said before that Skateboarding and Punk are connected on so many levels. It makes total sense, because many of the kids that became a part of the 80’s hardcore scene also grew up in the 70’s reading Skateboader magazine while wearing OP shorts. Skateboarding is all about speed, just

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Grim Beauty, Despair, History and Suffering are some of the words that come to mind as I admire the photography of José Ortiz-Echagüe. His work is very stark and bleak, which is why I love it so much. You can feel the spirits of the people he photographed coming out of the

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