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Unholy awesome fuck – on Oct. 18th, BÖLZER came to Vancouver and laid waste to everyone that was in attendance. Just as important as that music I heard that night was the energy in the room…

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On Sunday, November 1st, the sixth edition of Dreams Were Made For Mortals comes to the St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. This one day art event showcases the work of some of the underground’s most interesting artists. Check out the first in our 2-part interview series with some of this

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Shi'ite Muslims march on streets with swords during Ashura procession in downtown Manama, Bahrain, October 24, 2015. Ashura, the most important day in the Shi'ite calendar, commemorates the death of Imam Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, in the seventh century battle of Kerbala.  REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed - RTX1SZMQ

via Express UK The holy Day of Ashura festival sees millions of Muslim men and boys around the world take part in the dramatic ceremony. It is held to mourn the death of the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson, Imam Husayn, in 680 AD, during the Battle of Karbala. The 10-day festival

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It’s very interesting how people have had the vision to flip the script and use instagram as an instrument of self expression. I have seen accounts that focus on vintage skateboards, 80’s punk posters, skylines, urban decay, performance art – all of these just scratch the surface of whats out there!

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Text and: Adam Murray On the fourteenth night of October, 2015, Glendale was alive with the sound of thunder, both from the sky and the Complex bar. Missed the first band, Dead To A Dying World, unfortunately, as I had heard of them and was curious. However, L.A. rain and

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During an h100s concert, frozen cats were thrown into the audience. At this point, Daniel Stewart is better known for Total Control than for Distort Cleveland. He’s the virile track-suited one straddling that monotone croon and then yanking one into a husky bark. Despite the newfound fame, he’s known for

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Growing up in the 80’s SoCal hardcore scene meant that you hated metal heads, and until the mid 80’s, that is exactly what we did! L.A. metal heads were lame for the most part, because they were all into cheesy fucking hair metal which lacked any power. Our views on

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Story via Flashbak “This is work not about Ukraine or Russia or even the former Soviet Union, but instead a way to see the modern State as a primitive and sacrificial rite” – Don Weber Vitaly, 15, a chronic petty thief, truant from school and violent towards his grandmother and

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I love art that makes me think. I love art that is honest and full of passion. I love art that makes me feel uncomfortable. I love the photography of Momo Okabe because it sheds light on the outsider Trans community in Japan. Both of her books, Dildo and Bible, are very personal journeys of

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Text and Photos: Milton Stille As is often sadly the case, the venue was sparsely populated upon my arrival. It’s almost anomalous for shows of this nature to happen on Granville Street, which has disgracefully been dubbed the “party district,” consequently rendering it a cesspool of the type of human

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Story via Thought  Catalog 1. THE SPECTER OF NEWBY CHURCH Snapped in 1963 at the Newby Church in Yorkshire, England, this photo appears to depict a spooky nine-foot-tall figure wearing a cowl and standing at an altar. Several photo experts have scrutinized the photo and have declared it is not

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The other day we received a message from an artist named Bruna Prazeres whose work pushes the boundaries of pain, sex and beauty. All of her pictures will have you asking yourself, where does her art fit into my reality? She documents our secrets, the bodies we pretend don’t exist, the

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