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On April 12th, 2015, AMENRA – TREHA SEKTORI – DROM all performed together in Prague. Our comrade in photography Andrea Petrovicova was on hand to capture these spellbinding photos…this set of photos is pure visual magic; her style goes hand in hand with the power of these bands. Also take a look at our most recent

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ROADBURN 2015 is over, and damn, this year looked just as awesome as any other. Now it’s time to check out CVLT Nation’s annual coverage of one of the heaviest fests on the planet. We salute Gemma Shaw aka Gloomy Lights Photography for capturing this event for us all to see…Below

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AMENRA and the Church of Ra are known for pushing boundaries with music and art, so it makes perfect sense that they teamed up with one of the most prolific and boundary-pushing skin artists, Little Swastika, for a music and tattoo collaboration and series of performances over the course of

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Text & Interview: Tiina Liimu Photos: Johannah Jørgensen   While attending DIY parties and local Vancouver punk shows, this tall young photographer would pop up out of the pit with her film camera. Johannah Jørgensen began photographing Vancouver’s music underground while barely out of high school, and her black and

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Some of the most fascinating human behaviours are our dealings with death. Cultures around the world have different ways of processing human death, whether it be to celebrate it or to hide it, to immortalize our bodies or to give them to the creatures of the sky. Our favorite San

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Andrea Petrovicova is a Prague photographer whose work is mind-melting and otherworldly. When I look at her pictures, I lose myself in them only to find a new part of my imagination. Check out this killer photo essay featuring her most recent pictures of Helms Alee and Russian Circles performing

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So what happens when one of your favorite photographers captures some her favorite bands on film? The result is this outstanding photo essay featuring the photos of Angela Owens. Check out this intense flicks of Violent Reaction, Arms Race, No Tolerance, Chain Rank and Anarchy Boys. What I dig so

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Some people want us to be all serious all the time. We surround ourselves with art and music that explores death, destruction and human darkness, so sometimes we need a break to lighten up and laugh. OK – usually we’re laughing at someone else’s pain, so I guess it’s not

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The Decibel Magazine Tour has been blazing a trail across North America, leaving decimated audiences in its wake! They hit Vancouver last week, and by all accounts it was an amazing show, which is to be expected from the stacked line up featuring Auroch, Vallenfyre, Pallbearer, Converge and At The

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We psyching ourselves up to witness the Wizard live in Vancouver next week, so these awesome photos of their recent Boston show taken by one of our favorite photographers, Angela Owens, have us ready to doom the fuck out! If you’re one of the lucky few with tickets to see

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Check out this beautiful documentary entitled COBRA GYPSIES directed by Raphael Treza. Up until watching this film, I never knew that the Romani still existed in India. This film is created in a way that the subjects do not seem to be exploited for a story, but are actually given

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Although we weren’t able to travel to our March 21st SXSW showcase presented by Rock of Ages Tattoo, by all accounts it was awesome! Relapse Records put together an awesome lineup of bands who all absolutely killed it. Luckily, we had a photographer, Trevor Jayne, on hand to capture the

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