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Last year we featured the work Rob Borbas and his UNREAL tattoos. A year later, we are featuring him again because has continued to create some of the most amazingly evil tattoos we have ever seen. Check out what I wrote last year, but also peep his new work which

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Body of Reverbs is an installation that unites sound and tattoos in one vibrant experience. The practice is research on the connection between space, body and sound. The tattoo machine is a real musical instrument that translates the vibrations of the needle on the skin into a sound. The pain

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The CVLT Nation instagram feed is saturated with tattoo artists – it’s become our go to place for finding amazing artists who specialize in human skin. I have nothing against traditional tattoo styles, but my personal preference is for artists who bring a unique perspective to tattoo art; something that

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Deep, rich shading; subtly nuanced dotwork; entrancing curves that breathe three-dimensional life into the designs; exquisite detail – these phrases define the flawless style of Kelly Violet, currently one of Europe’s most outstanding tattoo artists. For more than fifteen years, she has brought her unique vision to her art. Kelly

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This feature Was taken from Renee Ruin Name: Sera Helen Age: 29   Location: Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand How did you get into the industry? Was it hard to find an apprenticeship? I started tattooing DIY in a warehouse in Melbourne shared with a bunch of artists and musicians. It

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My fascination with body art began at an early age when I accidentally caught a glimpse of my grandfather’s well-hidden bicep tattoo. Aside from the elegant design — a Sassanid cataphract that had turned green from years of exposure to the elements — I was drawn to it because I

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