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We all know that world is a crazy place right now, and that it has been for some time. Out of this pressure and tension, people are coming together to take a stand against oppression and they are using music as a weapon for change, a fact that we are

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DEVOUT RCRDS in Portland, OR is a business that’s very dear to our hearts at CVLT Nation. Not only because the people who run it are humans we consider friends and kindred spirits, but also because what they do is aligned with our values of supporting the creative output of

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As most of us know, skateboarding is more than just a sport because it’s both a way of life and an art form. One skater that really brings this fact home is Japan’s Goumiyagi. Watching him do his thing is like watching Miles Davis in his prime! He skates with

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  Gun crime and America is something that when researched seems to have never had a dull moment. After the Port Arthur Massacre in Australia, Australians reacted to the event with widespread shock and horror. The political effects were significant and long-lasting. The federal government led state governments to severely

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Hey Mont, thanks for talking with us! When did your journey of documenting Killing Joke start? I’d been ‘promoting’ the band as a DJ since about 1981, including the exchange of a couple of handwritten letters to Jaz – his returned with silver ink on black paper! This was a

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A woman walks through the dusty, grimy, street. It is packed with an immeasurable number of bodies, yet people seeking their ale still find her amongst the crowds due to her dark, peaked hat. She is one of the alewives in the community, producing enough overage from her family’s daily

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