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In our current times, certain presidents yearn for complete power. Some have achieved this already. Chiseling away at established checks-and-balances systems and boundaries of decency, some pine for the day when they see glory in derided systems of the world’s history. One established weapon throughout the history of dictators is

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Via The Bohemian Blog A lot of European countries have them. The Lithuanians celebrate the festival of Užgavėnės by burning a gruesome effigy, a female personification of Winter, before parading through the streets dressed as witches and goats and devils. The Romanian Capra festival is similarly symbolic of the New Year, a Dionysiac celebration

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It’s an unverified fact that Japanese culture is one of the most polite and respectful in the world – even when its people are frequenting the many love hotels, private sex parties and bars that Tokyo has to offer. Polish-born photographer Pawel Jaszczuk spent three years frequenting such places, capturing

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A sheen of sleaze and sweat descended upon the Sheraton in downtown Atlanta for the Celebration of the sacred and profane. A friend of mine put it best by saying two types of people attend the con – the party naked crowd and those with an actual interest in BDSM.

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In my line of work there’s a litany of mundane duties. Though routine to us in the field, most would find them bizarre. One such day started innocuously enough with a routine ‘morgue check’: which involves verifying all the cadavers we should have in stock in the morgue are in

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The man was dubbed Mr. Brown. An unassuming, if not droll, name. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown may have lived in banality, but his final actions decried anything mundane. His fingers worked most days, pointing out figures in his biology class at South Yorkshire grammar school in England, due east of Manchester

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