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**AUTHOR’S NOTE** The intention of this article is not to accuse someone of a crime, but to posit a question that deserves further inquiry. In 1995, just as the Croatian War of Independence is coming to an end, two men from the small, post-war country sit side by side on

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The panicked buzz about my social media feeds has centered around the question, “Is FetLife getting shut down?” This was asked with the fevered terror of a doomsday prophet. Rather than trying to step in and attempt to be the voice of reason to each and every one, I decided

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I am starting this discussion of the film Demon (Poland, 2015) in a different place than when I originally watched it a few months ago. While it already seemed timely to discuss in relation to many aspects of American politics and the rise of extreme nationalist groups, I did not

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We’ve already discussed kink in broader terms, so let’s take a closer look at specific kinks. I started this in my last instalment with a look at consensual non-consent. I am covering the kinks we know and love first, then maybe digging into others I’m not so into, like “littles”

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During the Nazi era, Germanic religion and history were, in short, simply treated like any other propaganda tool, with complete disregard for the actual beliefs of the heathen Teutons, the god/desses in who they believed, and the actual underpinnings of the Northern culture. Anyone who doubts this only has to

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Humans have been modifying their bodies since the beginning of time. I am all for free expression, and for not judging people for what they choose or do not choose to do with their bodies! I enjoy looking at different kinds of body modifications, even knowing that I would never

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