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via Lazer Horse There’s nothing funny about death really. But there is a lot of certainty to it. There’s not a person who’s ever lived that hasn’t had to face it and roll under it. I compiled this list of people who’ve died in odd ways as some kind of

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For good or ill, the theories of Sigmund Freud exerted an enormous influence on the 20th century, becoming deeply entrenched in Western culture to the point that Freud’s terms “ego”, “id” and “subconscious” have become common in everyday language. Within only a short time of its invention, psychoanalysis leapt from

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Graphic DesignSkateboarding

If I had to pick my favourite kind of ad, it would be the 80’s & 90’s skate ones. The reason why is because they were full of color and just totally bugged out. To me, Tony Alva changed the way that companies created their advertisements. At the same time,

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DEADWOOD LEATHER is an awesome leather goods brand out of Stockholm, Sweden who take vintage leather goods and recycle them into rad new leather jackets and bags. As the proud owner of one of their biker jackets, I can say that of all my vintage leather, theirs is the sexiest

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CvltureLiteratureMixed MediaPaintingSculpture

Have you ever wanted to travel to a place that is “overflowing with wonder and terror”? At 50 Avenue B in Manhattan, Lovecraft Bar has opened a portal to the fantastic depths where Cthulhu reigns, a darkly lit place of copper and stone, gorgeously painted and fitted with port holes

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By Freddy Alva via No Echo The history of heavy metal in Peru is a long, winding road paved with adversity and conflict coupled with unbridled enthusiasm overcoming all odds in the quest for the ultimate killer riff. This search assisted its practitioners to usher in an alternate reality that

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