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I had a thing for dead animals as a kid. Not in a serial killer way – I never took any lives myself – but in a mournful, respectful kind of way. Whenever I spied roadkill near my house, whether a squirrel, a cat or a mouse, I would dutifully

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Some of my favorite cosplay is the dark, creepy, bloody and ominous costumes inspired by horror. Whether its a zombie version of the Justice League or the nurses from Silent Hill, people can create some sick and twisted – and realistic – horror cosplay. Check out some of my favorites

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Social Justice

We’ve already dealt with the major controversies in the Polish Catholic Church (Part 1 & Part 2), but what about the “little” things? They’re said to carry the most flavor, and that might just be the case with my dear, dear countrymen in robes. The devil lies in the details?

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Black MetalCvlture

Poland is no newcomer to extreme metal, and indeed, the country’s contributions stretch back to the genre’s nascent days in the late 80s, when death metal acts like Vader, and later Decapitated and Hate, cemented themselves in death metal’s history. The end of the Soviet era saw a predictable rise

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via Dangerous Minds by Amber Frost The importance of anatomical models cannot be overstated in the education of medical professionals, but these learning tools have not always been so… clinical. Behold, the “Anatomical Venus,” idealized female forms first popularized in 18th century Europe, intended for the education of both medical

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Black MetalHistory

The Canadian province of Quebec, nestled inconspicuously between the Atlantic coast and the country’s heartland of Ontario, is known to foreigners for perhaps one reason above all others – its inhabitants are proud speakers of a dialect of French that has remained unchanged for over two hundred and fifty years.

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