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There’s a thread that seems to run throughout nearly every genre of music—a desire to escape your hometown that runs as deep as the pride for the land that’s served as the flint of the artistic fire. As a breathing, scene-spanning beast, punk-influenced hip-hop duo $uicideboy$ is perhaps the most

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**AUTHOR’S NOTE** The intention of this article is not to accuse someone of a crime, but to posit a question that deserves further inquiry. In 1995, just as the Croatian War of Independence is coming to an end, two men from the small, post-war country sit side by side on

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The panicked buzz about my social media feeds has centered around the question, “Is FetLife getting shut down?” This was asked with the fevered terror of a doomsday prophet. Rather than trying to step in and attempt to be the voice of reason to each and every one, I decided

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I am starting this discussion of the film Demon (Poland, 2015) in a different place than when I originally watched it a few months ago. While it already seemed timely to discuss in relation to many aspects of American politics and the rise of extreme nationalist groups, I did not

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CELESTIAL BLOOD has an eye for making the macabre beautiful. Her solid silver hand made jewelry takes inspiration from death and violence, but she presents us with these ideas with melancholic grace. Her first collection features instruments of human darkness – handcuffs, switchblade, knife; symbols of human sorrow – a

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Not trying to give a history lesson here or be an academic, because this is about some Portuguese heavy metal stuff from the 90s that I loved and I think the world should know about, instead of scraping the bottom of the plate of NWOBM or Scandinaviam Black Metal. It’s

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