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Zex is a hard working band, they always have something new or are on tour. You can find info about them all over the net. I even did a little interview with them a while ago on my own webzine, they already talk a lot about their origin. Now the

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Next time I hear a guy say anything about a woman being biologically incapable of measuring up to men at XYZ, I’m going to imagine his head being crushed by muscledom Anna Konda’s thighs until it pops like a pimple (FYI her inner thighs can crush coconuts). Konda is one

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It’s been a little while in the making, but we’re very happy to be releasing episode four of the CVLT CAST! This episode we were so lucky to be joined by the ethereal and mysterious Chelsea Wolfe, who beamed into our HQ from her peaceful California home. We spoke to

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The Left Hand Path is a crowded, contentious way to go; a pandemonium of singular individuals with no faith that life is only found at the end of a narrow way and through a small gate. It is open to anyone with the will to pave their own lane. There

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When it was announced in February that some witches were planning a mass ritual to stop Donald Trump, the Internet mostly reacted with bemusement, as one would expect. Not all were so amused, though; some fearful and angry Christians called for a mass prayer to protect Trump from the evil

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Text & Photos via Oddity Central Luis Padron, a 25-year-old fantasy fan and cosplay enthusiast from Argentina, has spent tens of thousands of dollars altering his looks in his desire to become a real-life elf. Luis says he became obsessed with fantastic beings like elves and angels after being bullied

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