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Pompeii and 1/1 Custom Jewelry

An old friend of ours, Nick Potash, is a seriously talented craftsman. He has two lines of hand-carved rings and pendants, 1/1 custom pieces, and Pompeii, a line he sells both on his blog and in jewelry boutiques. He makes some sick shit – skulls with precious stone “brains”, rattlesnake rings, pyramid rings and scrimshaw pieces. He uses ancient symbols to imbue each piece with powerful energies that transfer to the wearer, so each piece is literally carved inside and out. His work has the touch of artisanship and creativity that I look for in jewelry. My favorite piece is the sterling and bronze pyramid ring – it’s huge and commanding, and it looks like it is radiating witchcraft and omnipotence. After the jump check out more of his work…

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Blood Milk

Betsey from Relapse hipped us to Blood Milk Jewelry the other day…and I am so happy she did. Blood Milk is one of those diamonds in the rough on, which I find overwhelmingly felt and stitching potholder-y most of the time. She make one-of-a-kind rings, necklaces and bracelets using rose gold, oxidized sterling silver and oxidized brass. Her inspiration is a mixture of all of the witchcrafts that have been a part of European culture for millenia, from pre-Celtic pentagrams to Gypsy tarot to Victorian spiritualism. She uses a lot of animal parts in her jewelry, but in a way that suggests the components of a powerful spell. She creates rings out of talons and skulls and bracelets from bones. The resulting pieces are both sinister and delicate at the same time. Many of the pieces she creates are feminine, but she makes some intense double-finger rings, like her eagle talons ring, that would look epic on guys too. She has a massive inventory on her Etsy store, and I ventured into it and chose some of my favorite pieces to share after the jump…

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Beauty in Death.

My girl Lisa Soltis over at LAS Jewelry really sees the beauty in nature’s cycles of death and decay. LAS is designed by Lisa and her husband Dan, and their line of rings, pendants, keychains etc. focuses on predators and prey – wolves, rabbits, sabertooth skulls, bird skulls, rat skeletons. The rings are really big and chunky, which is awesome because you feel the weight of it on your hand. I had a sterling silver sabertooth skull ring made for my husband’s wedding ring and its fucking amazing. So far no goat’s heads or anything, but the gazelle skull has some sharp horns on it and could definitely do some damage.

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