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Submerged in the crowd of sweaty metalheads commenting on each other’s obscure t-shirts; I sipped my beer and reflected on the performances I had just witnessed. One of those being Incantation and as always delivered a devastating set from their blasphemous catalog. Such hits as “Christening the Afterbirth,” “The Ibex

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Plack Blague

On tour at warehouse show in LA a few years ago, a man took me into the record room and said my band reminded him of this awesome weirdo from Nebraska that makes abrasive, BDSM obsessed industrial dance music who goes by the stage name Plack Blague. He gave me

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Four years after their last album, Nero in Metastasi, the Italian Grind/Hardcore beasts Cripple Bastards are ready to unleash their new full-length. This will be the Cripple Bastards’ seventh album and their first with new drummer Raphael Saini, who joined the historic members Giulio The Bastard (vocals), Schintu the Wretched

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To say we’ve distanced ourselves from the term “metalcore” would be an understatement.  Once a harmless descriptor, it’s long been a pejorative for the neon-clad, crass mall-core of the early oughts. In much the same way “screamo” is clawing it’s white belt back into the underground’s collective consciousness, there’s a

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Kristina Esfandiari (MISERABLE/KING WOMAN) interviews FEARING   What compelled you to start FEARING? I had spent like 5+ years obsessively making music in my room and never really gained the confidence to show anyone besides a recent out of state pen-pal at the time, Brian Vega. He was in the

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FEARING interviews MISERABLE: Since we first met years ago, you’ve lived in the Bay, New York and now LA. Does long distance relocating tend to boost your creativity or crush it? I suppose I’d say it does both. You have to start over when you move, that can be distracting. Establishing

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