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When Caligari Records’ release of The Hyle’s demo landed on our desk in 2014, we knew we were hearing something special. These Denmark doom wizards had conjured the kind of moody riffle that makes our days fun here at the HQ. Just the other day, we were discussing this prodigal

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The CHAOS RAIDS U.S.A. Tour in is full effect, and tonight 1349, TOMBS and FULL OF HELL will be bringing their wrath to NYC! Since Tombs are in home territory, we wanted to share the second Chaos Raids USA Mixtape with you, a collection of their favourite tunes while on

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12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

It’s Fucking On! Relapse Records is re-releasing the underground classic by OPPROBRIUM (formerly known as Incubus) entitled Serpent Temptation. When I hear music this raging, it takes me back in time to when denim vest and hi tops were king. Every tune on this album is a straight banger – there is no filler

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Release the Bats, the DIY Melbourne label Lost in Fog is at it again. Their second release is a driving and catchy cassette by Indonesia’s EERIE and I love every second of it! This band knows how to balance ghostly atmosphere with hard hitting rhythm that will hold your attention for sure! We

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My blood is turning black, my skull is beginning to cave in, my sense of rage is rising, and all of this is being caused by the sonic beast that goes by the name of ATRAMENT. This Bay Area group creates music that has underground music lovers from around the

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Without knowing it, I did  the readers of CVLT Nation a disservice by not having Akatechism’s Dripping Flames demo on our end of the year list. Every moment of their tape is unnerving and morbidly beautiful. One of favorite labels, Invictus Productions, has decided to release their demo on cassette, which

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Necrosemen is another band from Switzerland playing black/death metal. Some of you may have heard Necrosemen’s And All Shall Be Smitten By Fire EP in 2013. Now, from Blood Harvest Records, comes their follow-up EP, Vglns, which will be released on cassette tape. The guys in Necrosemen must have found

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Unhinged fury, unique sonic rage, mind-altering audio twists enclosed in demented freedom are just some of the things that come to my mind as I listen to the new SPEKTR LP entitled The Art to Disappear. Over the course of 9 tracks, this band creates music that leaps over all boundaries

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Read Part I here. You have been more open to appear in the press – in photo, documentaries and on social media – in last few years, and you even have your own Instagram account now. I know that for the most part, this is a totally normal thing, but

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Photos: Captain’s Archive First off, thanks for taking the time to let me pick your brains a bit. That being said, let’s cut to the chase and get to it. The first time you heard a true, 100% Black Metal album, what was that feeling like? What was it about

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Compiled for CVLT Nation by Ravn of 1349 I have compiled a list of songs that would be good to listen to before going out to a metal concert or just to out to drink, and that at the same time take me down a musical memory lane. And it goes

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The post-metal aura has been and still is dominant in the extreme music scene. Originating from the ’90s, with the term being used to describe many forward-thinking bands, from Neurosis, Godflesh and Tool to Isis and the rise of Hydrahead Records. Bloodiest is an act that encompasses the history of post-metal in

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