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This is the biggest one yet! SWTF IV has just announced that the mammoth merchants of stonerdelic doom themselves, SLEEP, will be headlining this year’s fest! If you didn’t have this Tucson fest on your calendar already, I know you’re penciling it in now! SLEEP’s music was meant to be

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Jonathan Shaw was born to Hollywood starlet Doris Dowling (Bitter Rice, The Lost Weekend, The Blue Dalia) and Big Band legend Artie Shaw. He grew up in Los Angeles, where, as a teenager he began writing for the Los Angeles Free Press, alongside Charles Bukowski. In his twenties, Shaw adopted

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The English translation of As Wolves Among Sheep provoked a few anxious emails from the editors at CVLT Nation. If you didn’t know, CVLT Nation is against Nazism. I was proposing to report on the National Socialist Black Metal history book. To be clear, I am against Nazism, and I

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Give me a brief history of THE VATICAN. What other bands have you guys played in, and how did this one get started? I suck at being brief, but here goes:  if memory serves, we did our first show at the end of March 2012.  So that means we’re a

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I feel sick inside! I feel like the whole world is a giant skid row! I feel like all of the good in the universe died once I pressed play on the new FISTULA demo entitled Destitute. These sleazy fucking dealers of sludge are at it again and would love

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Interview by Joe Yanick Shortly after the majority of their members relocated to Cleveland, I had the pleasure of meeting Locktender. Cleveland is a tight-knit community, so the introduction of new faces hardly goes unnoticed. From the first time I saw them play live, I knew that they were going

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