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I still remember my first laser show at the Planetarium in Vancouver – Led Zeppelin III. I was 16 and it was fucking amazing. I was high as fuck. Now I may be older, but the stoner in me still hasn’t lost her appreciation for a good laser show; but

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On Aug 19th, shit is about to change with the debut tape release from AMERICAN entitled Coping With Loss via Sentient Ruin Laboratories. When describing a band like this, I could start comparing them to other bands and putting them into the box known as a “genre,” but this would

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EXORDIUM MORS are masters at creating raging Blackened Trash that will infest every cell of your being! With their new album The Apotheosis of Death that hits the streets today via Iron Blood & Death Corporation, this proves to the underground they should not be underestimated. Every riff you will

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Unholy pure death…excuse me as I inject the black flames of the underworld into my ears! Actually, all I have to do is blast the new SANGUS song “Live To Kill” through my speakers and I will get the same effect! Damn, this band is back in a big fucking

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Siculicidium’s 2013 record Hosszú út az örökkévalóságba drips with blackened emotion on every song! When you are blasting this album, you will notice that under the cryptic melodic ocean that they create is a giant reef of punk rock angst. Siculicidium are masters are balancing the ugly side of life

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Katorga Works is getting ready to release the new WEED HOUNDS self-titled album. Now it’s time to listen to two perfect shoegaze songs by WEED HOUNDS… after listening you might have the same feeling I had – wow, I must have this album in our collection! Katorga Works strikes again!

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