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Let me tell you a story about Kate Bush having a brain transplant with At the Drive In, then the two going back in time to high school where Black Flag were their band teachers. Then they started a band and took the name Burnt Books, and now have new

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It’s all the way live you Death Metal bastards! CVLT Nation is ultra fucking proud to present our new mix tape series: TOTAL DEATH vol.1! With this sonic onslaught we plan on bringing you the most putrid Black Death,Death Doom and Death Metal we could unearth. We are stoked to 

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Photographer: Nona Limmen Site: Based in: Amsterdam ONE “Anaïs” I remember this day so well. It was a cold and extremely foggy January morning when me and my friend “Anaïs” decided to take advantage of this serene yet sinister weather. At that time, I was reading some books mainly

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It’s been four years since we launched CVLT Nation, and we never imagined it would become what it is today! To thank you for four years of support, we’re proud to present our sixth covers compilation in our series The CVLT Nation Sessions: BLACK FLAG’s Slip It In. As you

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The next in a long line of awesome bands that will be making an appearance at this year’s Southwest Terror Fest IV is Portland punk horde POISON IDEA! Poison Idea’s music will get into your veins and make all your ear cells bleed and burst – in a good way!

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How and why did Dreadlords first come about?   B: I first began writing songs for Dreadlords after a couple years of immense frustration, living in Baltimore in places with no heat that were former servants’ quarters, seeing people get shot on the street, working in partially abandoned buildings, sleeping

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