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MoE is a three piece band from Oslo, Norway; formed by the composer, double bassist and improviser Guro Skumsness Moe, the experimental guitarist Havard Skaset and the drummer Joakim Heibo. They play a feral display of sludge, doom metal, crust punk, and noise rock with a particular method of composition, a unique sound and an original vocal work.

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To a young metal head reared on a steady diet of Mercyful Fate and Iron Maiden, Napalm Death seemed to be the only metal band punk rock kids listened to, and were thus deemed inferior. After all, where were the haunted houses and devils on their album covers? After junior year, a girl said to me, “There’s this band you might like called Christian Death…” and my life was changed, and many such oversights have since been rectified.

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This fucking classic, the almighty INCANTATION, performing live in 1992! Bang your heads motherfuckers…This band has been killing shit for 25 years and they are on tour now!

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Heavy means different things to different people! For me, it can heal and destroy all at the same time, a quality that I find beautiful. I also believe that there are many different ways that this kind of music can be created, which means there are so many different roads

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VANCOUVER – we’ve got another giveaway for you! This one is for the BLACK BREATH and BAPTISTS show this Friday at the Astoria, hosted by Nothing is Heavy and us! Besides getting the skin ripped off your face by the scathing sounds of the aforementioned bands – and it being

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Morgan Enos, one half of Hollow Sunshine, has new downtuned pop project called Other Houses, and I must say, I’m pretty impressed. His debut album, No Splendor, will be released on Jan. 22nd via Flossless Audio – go HERE to pre-order. Right now, CVLT Nation is streaming the new Other

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