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Their name may have changed, but Riding Easy Records never disappoints us with their releases! From the moment the riffs start on HORNSS’ debut full length, No Blood, No Sympathy, my hair is flailing around my ceaselessly banging head! These tunes are fucking rock n’ roll, and this exclusive stream

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Right here and now, you are about to hear two of the sickest young black metal bands creating sonic hate! Mannveira hails from Iceland and Serpent Lair hails from Denmark. With each of these releases, what will strike you first and foremost is how both bands sound so fucking amazing!!!

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I see colors swirling around prisms of light dancing inside of my brain. I hear unknown spirits guiding my past lives into another realm of forever. All of this change going on inside me is being caused by the astral sounds of ABRE OJOS, whose new album will be out

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Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXVIII GHOLAS goes live today! Hit play below and let their picks drown you in heavy! [audio: Gift.mp3, Stay Here.mp3, Saturday Saviour.mp3, Spoon.mp3, On the Eclipse.mp3, Cherubim.mp3, Pins And Needles.mp3, Big Riff.mp3, Crawling on Bruised Knees.mp3, Crossgates To Disenchantment.mp3, Forever Last A Moment.mp3, Wird.mp3, The Pod.mp3, Pink

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Words & Photos by Gemma Shaw Desertfest 2014 – Camden, London Sunday, April 27th WarWolf from Brighton bring their hardcore crusty punk to a busy underworld. For a young band, they have a stage presence more like that of a veteran band. A combination of ex members of Dopefight and

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One thing I respect about Europe is the way that many countries support underground youth culture. Case in point is what is happening in Belgium, Brussels this year at Ancienne Belgique with a series of events entitled ‘IBM – Inspired by Black Metal’…On May 3rd Alkerdeel, Gnaw Their Tongues, Nihill

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