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We’ve got another SWTF IV bulletin for you: the almighty GRAVES AT SEA will be bringing their immense, crushing sound to SOUTHWEST TERROR FEST this October! I don’t have to tell you how much we love this band, because if you enjoy having sweet audio sewage poured into your ear canals then you love them too! I haven’t yet had the opportunity to witness them live, but by all accounts it’s a blistering experience…

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Are you ready to feel the sound of slow moving death in your ears? Today CVLT Nation is excited to share HEAVYDEATH ‘s VII & X demos below. This epic cassette is being released by our comrades Caligari Records and can be pre-ordered HERE! After one listen, you will say to yourself, death has never sounded so heavy…

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With The Road Home, which consists of Jay Munly and Noah Landis, Scott Kelly expands that calm into a chasm of meditation and despair, which is perfectly captured on 2012’s The Forgiven Ghost In Me (recorded by Noah Landis and released on Neurot Recordings). Watching the group live is akin to staring into Camus’ existential abyss: the abyss stares right back into you.

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Heavy music comes in so many different forms of expression, and this is why the underground scene is so exciting! On Jan. 27th at St. Vitus in Brooklyn, a very special show took place featuring Statiqbloom, Sannhet and Youth Code. From what I can see, all three bands performed at their highest level.

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In honor of our ‘California Cult Tour,’ we decided to pay homage to our favorite state with a tour diary of a different sort. As we travel along, we’ll be probing the underbelly of California ‘cult’ure to see if there’s something in the air, water or the in case of our second entry, organic eats, that gives the golden state the advantage on weird.

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Dress Code deserves much respect, because instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, they have chosen to utilize the current wheel to roll over and destroy everything in their path.

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