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I think attempting to debate what Mueller has written on the newly-released Death Blues record will get me straight back to where I was with Chrome’s “Feel It Like A Scientist”, so I’d prefer not to go in that direction for the sake of exploring another, say, new dimension instead. To get

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Hit play, and let the sinister audio veils of GOG descend upon your mind…”The Lies, They Want to Give You Something” is the first track off their upcoming s/t record, and it takes your mind to a place where a grey mist clamors with beautiful melodies, and the sweetest suffocation

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The latest in Hypertension Records‘ series of “The Abyss Stares Back” splits, feautring a new song each from Primitive Man and Hessian really keeps the black cloud overhead that they set off with Vol. 1 (Amenra & VVovnds). I think it’s a super cool idea to do a series of

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I feel like living my life in a fucking dumpster filled with maggots and rotting goat brains! Fuck it — I know what’s better than that: blasting the new IRN song “Sewer” into my skull at maximum volume. For 11 minutes, these vultures of doom will weave thoughts and reality

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Riff warriors ANCIIENTS are kicking off their Canadian tour with Black Cobra and Black Wizard tonight at The Biltmore in Vancouver, BC, and CVLT Nation! The heavy starts with SKULL VULTURES & DESTROY ALL and then Black Wizard and Anciients will bring the house down! Head out to this show

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Right now I’m riding the sonic magic carpet ride called ELECTRIC CITIZEN, and the sound up here has me tripping! This Ohio quartet create those kind of songs that make me remember growing up on the Venice Boardwalk, with hippies and outlaws being the fabric of our community. ELECTRIC CITIZEN’s

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