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The year has only just begun, but you should already be planning your attendance at one of 2015’s most sonically destructive fests! We’ve got another sneak peak at this year’s Southwest Terror Fest IV…GATECREEPER has confirmed as one of the bands you’ll see on Oct. 15th to 18th…SWTF IV is

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On January 11th, artist Emily Harris is presenting a multifaceted thesis exhibition titled “Dispossessed,” exploring the heavy metal subculture in Atlanta. This will coincide with premiere of her full length documentary Atlanta Metal. She aims to dig deeper into the culture, rather than just aim a spotlight on Atlanta’s metal

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There are some bands that make you question the very nature of your own identity. Masses are one such outfit. Building dense and biting soundscapes that comment on the current state of Australia’s – and other developed countries – social make-up and the idea of ‘individuality,’ this Melbourne five-piece have

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So how do I like my rock & roll? I like my rock & roll served on a huge plate of sleaze, washed down with a cup of rancid distortion! Denmark’s Alucarda gives me my music just way I like it – filthy…Their soon to be released debut full length

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If I could be, I would be at theA389 MMXI Anniversary Bash from Jan. 15th to the 17th! So many kick ass bands are performing that if I did go, my neck would never be the same from all of the head banging… but it would be worth it!!! Being

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From Los Angeles, California, comes war metal, blackened death metal horde Beasthrone. They have several split 7”s slated for release soon, so stream the tracks below and support the band any way you can. These guys don’t play around with horns or saxophones. What you get is straight-up, no frills,

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