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P.E.A.R.L. is an extraordinary Santander-born electronic music producer, currently based in Berlin. Having previously served as one half of techno duo Agony Forces, he now begins a journey on his own. His recently released debut album, Temptation Through Impatience, reveals the depth of his sonic identity, and his excellent take on

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This is fucking awesome….live footage of Incantation in 1991 playing at G-Willikers in Pennsauken, NJ, on May 31, 1991. Check out this amazing full set of some Death Metal legends!  

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Since the very beginning, these wolves (ulver in Norwegian) were always moving, shedding their skin from one record to the other, from the black metal days and the folk inclusions, to trip-hop dystopias, deep electronica, neo-classical leanings and krautrock routes. Ulver have been defying genres, chronically refusing to be pigeonholed.

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Ever since hearing their demo Consecration of the Temple, I have been a huge fan of QRIXKUOR. Now I’m counting down the days before I see them live this weekend at this year’s COVENANT Fest. Their new Lp entitled Incantations From the Abyss comes out on June 30th via Invictus

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Have you heard of Space Witch? If you haven’t today is more than your lucky day, because today your ears are about to blessed with one of the sickest psychedelic stoner/doom releases of 2017. This band is is underrated and deserves props for creating soulful, mind-melting heavy music that will rock you

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Napalm Death, Brujería, Lock Up and Power Trip have just finished their “Campaign for Musical Destruction Tour” across Europe. I talked with SHANE EMBURY, one of grindcore’s founding fathers, the longest standing member of Napalm Death and also a member of Brujería and Lock Up, about the tour, career and

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