August 29, 2014

Dark Ripples in Time…
Black Metal Moments from the Past Part 4, DEICIDE Interview

Jul 24, 2014 3 15  

Dark Ripples in Time – Black Metal Moments from the Past is a new CVLT Nation series featuring interviews from the ’90s, never before published on the web until now. ...

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The CVLT Nation Sessions
Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

Jul 24, 2014 24 706  

CVLT Nation is proud to present the fourth covers compilation in our series The CVLT Nation Sessions: JOY DIVISION’s Unknown Pleasures. This compilation features Arctic Flowers, Cemetery, Pinkish Black, Theologian, ...

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The Heaviest Fest Hitting the West!
DISTRESS Fest Video Essay!

Jul 23, 2014 1 8  

On Aug. 8th & 9th of 2014, Distress Fest, the heaviest and darkest gathering of underground music will be taking place in Seattle at the Highline Bar. The line up ...

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CVLT Nation Streaming: ENTRAILS
Total Death

Jul 23, 2014 1 33  

Sweden’s ENTRAILS have a new release via Metal Blade, Resurrected From the Grave, which features their two demos, Reborn and Human Decay, now on vinyl/CD/digital! Today CVLT Nation is honored ...

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FREE 54 Track!
Download Now

Jul 23, 2014 2 27  

Now this is pure A389 Recordings insanity!!! They have just released a 54-track digital mixtape that’s FREE!…Nuff said…support this this killer label, home to so many on point bands! A389 ...

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CVLT Nation Interviews
Black Twilight Circle + Exclusive Streams

Jul 22, 2014 1 50  

Crepusculo Negro has steadily risen in popularity and thusly carry a higher profile at this point in the US black metal scene. Is there anything you regret about achieving this ...

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CVLT Nation Streaming:
ELECTRIC FUNERAL discography “Total Funeral”

Jul 21, 2014 0 6  

One of the most prolific artists in the world of D-BEAT has to be ELECTRIC FUNERAL – every release is the shit! Jocke D-takt knows how to turn up the ...

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Most Repulsive & Unhygienic Sludge You Will Hear Today!
New OPEN TOMB Song Streaming Now!

Jul 21, 2014 11 8  

I can feel the maggots crawling around me leaving their shit-stained sludge everywhere! Actually, I’m just feeling the after effects of listening to the new OPEN TOMB album Dead Weight ...

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Breaking News! First New SLEEP Song in 20 Years!! “The Clarity”

Jul 18, 2014 18 20  

The Almighty SLEEP just released a new song as a part of the Adult Swim Singles Series, their first in 20 years, called “The Clarity”..and you can hear it here ...

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CVLT Nation Interviews BLEAK

Jul 18, 2014 0 5  

The problem with highfalutin underground metal is that sometimes the focus of a band can be the biggest distraction in enjoying their music, as if they are composing weird and ...

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