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How do you like your sludge cooked? I like mine marinated in an unhealthy dose of putrid stench until the riffs start to ooze out. Then I want to bake it on HIGH until the basslines come out of the oven and almost choke the life out of me. When I

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Katechon, boys and ghouls, is not for the virgin metal fan. Like gasoline funneling into a combustion chamber, their latest Nuclear War Now Productions release, Coronation, is a raging inferno of a record. Like black metal with hoarse rasps, guttural growls, mosh-worthy blastfests, melodic mid-tempo chord transitions, lead guitar, and

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“Life is full of bullshit and unfortunate events that happen every second of every day all over the world, but the real aim of these types of reflections is to relay the idea that things can always be better. “

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SUFFERING MIND and LIFES have a new split out that’s all killer and no filler! Today we’re excited to bring you a full stream of this co-release from Halo of Flies and Here and Now! Halo of Flies has US pre-orders available here and EU pre-orders go to Here and

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One of the greatest gifts that CVLT Nation has given us is to be able to collaborate with the people that inspire us to do what we do on a daily basis! Case in point is our new collabo label with Grimoire Cassette Cvlture called Grim CVLT. Our first release

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First and foremost, this album is sonic experimentation at it’s finest. For those unfamiliar with this London based project, Ghold create a deep, rich sound composed of only bass guitar and drums. Perhaps the best way to describe this bands sound is the mongoloid bastard-child of of 5ive and Lighting

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Photos by Alan Hunter Those of you who frequent this site know that we’re all big fans of Black Breath, and in the seven years since they released debut EP Razor to Oblivion they’ve rightfully become a household name. In brief, if you’re looking for heavy, infectious anthems to please

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Do you like your hardcore with an extra heavy dose of metal? The we’ve got what you need today – a full stream of the new EP from New York’s iron-clad horde All Out War, Dying Gods. This EP includes a bludgeoning cover of Amebix’s “Arise” as well as a

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At the end of 2014, Justin Jackson released a four years in the making documentary about the post-metal band Rosetta and their history entitled Audio/Visual. The score of this flick was also made by Rosetta themselves, and became available on their bandcamp earlier this year. I wanted to learn a

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Photographer: Andrea Petrovicova Based in: Prague   moments before and after pressing shutter shapes of faces, trees, horses, bodies, fears so often I don’t know how to describe the beauty just don’t know and only moments remained

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Fans of Steve Von Till, guitarist and vocalist in Bay Area post metal titans Neurosis, have been clamouring for more of his idiosyncratic brand of folk music for several years. After a seven year wait, Von Till has just released his fourth solo record, entitled A Life Unto Itself. Seven

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Jdi a Dívej Se (“Idi i Smotri”, or “Come and See”) is a breath-taking Russian movie from 1985, and now also a compilation presenting seven Czech black metal bands deeply rooted in their local hardcore/punk scene, and released digitally by Coffee Breath Records. Each band provided previously unreleased material recorded exclusively

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