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Since the inception of CVLT Nation, there are a few people we’ve opened our hearts and home to, and one of those is Ralph from PLANKS – but even before we met this rad dude, PLANKS held a special place in our hearts. This band has continually astounded us with

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So what do we have here? Let me tell you, we have a new SAVIOURS song called “Burning Shrine” and this motherfucker is a straight raging jam!!! Fasten your seat belt, press play and let the mammoth riffs the band kicks out do the rest. Caution: the SAVIOURS have been known to cause

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6. Converge
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Photographer: Reid Haithcock Based in: Boston, MA ONE Thou at WFMU New Jersey I jumped on a short north east tour with Thou in the spring of 2014. In typical Thou style, it was a four shows in two days situation, with a radio appearance thrown in. After a

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Prison Suicide cover art

How hooked am I on the soon to be released Prison Suicide album? Very FUCKING HOOKED, because this motherfucker JAMS nonstop! Once you press play, you will become hooked as well, because this band bring grooves that will have you waiting to slam dance any and everywhere. I’m not always

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At last! The debut Cruciamentum album is finally upon us. And damn, was it well worth the wait. Carving a path much like fellow countrymen Grave Miasma (which makes sense, seeing as how they share members, duh) Cruciamentum was quick to make waves with their initial releases like the demo

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‘Guitar and Pen’ interview #1 – Robert Williams interviews Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway, vocalist and primary lyricist from legendary grindhammers Napalm Death Tired of the blurb/gloss ‘advertisements-for-the- latest-release’ much of music writing seemed to have become, SIEGE drummer/lyricist and music and cvlture correspondent Robert Williams embarked on ‘Guitar and Pen,’ an interview

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