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We have a special mixtape for your listening pleasure today – Sonic Cathedrals Vol CXXXII AUN! This mix takes you deep into the underground, and was compiled completely from vinyl…so now check out the world of AUN! AUN / First anal report: Vinyl only mix, of mostly pre-1988 cvlt electronic-industrial

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Forward Teargas cover

Hand me the new FORWARD & TEARGAS 7inch so I can slap the taste out of warmongers’ mouths worldwide. This record will give you the energy of a hundred cups of coffee with a healthy dose of D-Beat angst. Both bands show and prove why they are not willing to

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“Fuck those who’ve made rock n roll suck.” Today we’re exclusively streaming the brand new video titled “The Tops of the Rocks (Get All The Sun)” by The Vibrating Antennas. This psych-y punk band features members of Sabertooth Zombie, and will drop their debut LP “L’Ength” on Broke Hatre Collective

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EHG-CATTLE 1.12.13-4
Apocalyptic BluesArtEventsFeaturesMusicPhotographySludge

Text & Photos by Adam Murray Five bands (well, technically four) descended upon Los Angeles on this night like the various strains of flu virus that have been penetrating and violating everyone’s immune systems for the past couple weeks. Strong Intention ground up a fine blend of grindy punk sludgecore

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Sometimes you need music in your life that makes the sun shine just a little brighter. Sometimes you need music in your mind that makes your thoughts just a little bit clearer. Sometimes you need music to paint your humanity with a kaleidoscope of emotions. The new album from AMALTHEA

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CVLT Nation is proud to present the first covers compilation in our series The CVLT Nation Sessions: DISCHARGE’s seminal album Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing. We’re offering it for free download and streaming below! The CVLT Nation Sessions is a musical project with the aim of reinterpreting iconic music

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Label: Memento Mori Hailing from Texas, Church of Disgust welcome in 2014 in the dirtiest conceivable way. The death metal duet had previously released a demo and their Invocation of Putrid Worship EP (through Filthy Cave Records) before tackling on their first full-length album, Unworldly Summoning. And that is exactly

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Chicago’s MURMUR know how to create an atmosphere. Their new release on Season of Mist, Murmur, pulls you into their bleak landscape with a crescendo of guitar and chaotic, yet hypnotic, drumbeats. Murmur is cold and unrelenting, and this latest album showcases their talent for creating compelling melody in a

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Apocalyptic BluesFeaturesMusicSludgeStreaming

My ears are being violated and I just downed a big bowl of my own vomit…at least, this is how I feel after listening to RECTAL HYGIENICS Even the Flies Won’t Touch You. You can hear the drugs that when into created this damaged, fucked up music and I can

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Now you are about to hear how the soon to be released Primitive Man & Xaphan 7 inch kills shit! For 8 minutes, both bands will pound you in your motherfucking eardrums with some of the most monolithic sounds you will hear all year. This insane record is being released

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I’m almost at a loss for words, but I will tell you that in 2008 doom history was made in the Bay Area. This was the year that ASUNDER & CORRUPTED collaborated for well over an hour on a piece of music that is far beyond classic. The event took

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By Jeremy James I must say, this theater has history. It’s been known by a bevy of names in the past and has housed many varied acts. Hell, this was even the place where I photographed my first band; but tonight, the now named Observatory was housing four very well

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