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The post-metal aura has been and still is dominant in the extreme music scene. Originating from the ’90s, with the term being used to describe many forward-thinking bands, from Neurosis, Godflesh and Tool to Isis and the rise of Hydrahead Records. Bloodiest is an act that encompasses the history of post-metal in

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After listening to Full Of Hell‘s collaboration with Merzbow (which was really more of a split with some collaboration than it was a pure collaboration), I was definitely left wondering where they’d go next. Each release unleashes a new monster, always more frightening than the last, and all leading up

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The United Kingdom has a wonderful multi-genre scene, and as such choosing the best releases from these isles is a tough job. The six records below are all different in their tone and their scale (small bands, big bands, huge productions and smaller mixes) but they stood out from the

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No shame in our game over here at CVLT Nation – we are huge fans of LEVIATHAN and we were impressed with the caliber of his latest LP, Scar Sighted. We are beyond stoked to bring you Part I of our two-part interview with Jef Whitehead aka LEVIATHAN. In the first part

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RAVEN MOCKER‘s Livid Flame LP opens with some beautiful, melancholy church organs that invoke that holiday feel (aka when your parents forced you to go to church, but at least some of the music felt epic), but then the wall of riffs crashes into you like a funeral doom tsunami!

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Photographer: Andy Jones Site: Based in: Leeds, UK ONE Violent Reaction. Munoz Gym. Bakersfield, CA. April 2014.       Munoz Gym was a place that only existed in my dreams of sketchy 240p videos on youtube before getting to shoot this photo. After seeing footage of bands from HATRED SURGE to

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