August 27, 2014

CVLT Nation’s
Favorite Tumblr This Moment:

Aug 12, 2014 0 4  

If I had to pick my favourite kind of ad, it would be the 80′s & 90′s skate ones. The reason why is because they were full of color and ...

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Skull Cracking & Ball Busting!
Skateboarding Fails Video Essay
Now Showing!

Aug 1, 2014 2 17  

Do you ever look at skate videos in amazement, wondering how the hell did they pull that off? On the flip side are the skateboarding fails where you see humans ...

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Sickest Skateboard Video You Will See This Week!

Jul 21, 2014 15 0  

One of my favorite places on the planet is Japan. My favorite skateboard team on the planet is BARRIER KULT. Combine these two and the end result is the sickest ...

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The Sickest Skate Video…
You Will See All Month!
Tengu: God of Mischief
Subway Skating

Jun 25, 2014 1 2  

Skating through the streets of New York is one thing I miss about living in the city! With every push on the concrete, you can feel the pulse of the ...

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A Force Of Skating!
Sean Sheffey Spotlight

Jun 21, 2014 1 0  

One of the greatest skaters to ever set foot on a board is Sean motherfucking Sheffey. This dude had crazy hops and unreal ollies. When you saw him skate, you ...

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Skate or Die… I Used to Skate Vol. 3
Now Showing!

Jun 10, 2014 4 0  

Vancouver RULES for skateboarding – with the perfect terrain, like endless amounts of back alleys, and you find never ending amounts of lines. Check out the latest installment of I ...

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Skate Rock RULES!!!
Thrasher Magazine: Blast From The Past and Present

Jun 3, 2014 13 1  

80′s Hardcore & Skateboarding have always been connected, ever since I can remember! Ask almost any old-school head how they got around town in the 80′s, and they will say ...

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DIY Skate Parks Photographed by Rich Gilligan

Jun 2, 2014 6 0  

Something about skateboarding makes it a life-long obsession for those that do it. I have never met a skater who didn’t attribute part (or all) of their identity to this ...

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A Skate Classic For Weirdos!… Toy Machine “Welcome to Hell” Now Showing!

Apr 11, 2014 1 0  

I’m not going to even say too much, other than here is a classic skate film for weirdos. CVLT Nation now showing Toy Machine “Welcome to Hell” after the jump! ...

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The Sickest Skate Video You Will See All Year! Gou Miyagi Goes Outer Limits

Mar 5, 2014 0 2  

Watching the GONZ skate has always made me think of skating as a cycodelic art form, but watching Gou Miyagi do his thing makes the way the GONZ skates seem ...

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