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Today is HUGE day for Bog of the Infidel because they are releasing their new LP entitled Asleep in the Arms of Suicide via our comrades Eternal Death. Over the course of 9 tracks, the band paints grim sonic portraits of life using their cold riffs as the brush! This

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People sometimes make the assumption that all we listen to is heavy, heavier and heaviest music from dawn until dusk. The reality is that while we do get down with scathing sounds and audio annihilation, we also enjoy a subtler, gentler musical journey, like that of Ambersmoke. Their fuzzed out,

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White Walls, Cold Emotions, Warm Vocals, Dance Rhythms hidden under reverb are some of the things you will hear on D E C O R U M‘s soon to be released EP Vail. This Brooklyn trio knows exactly what they are creating, and it’s this compelling vision that pulls you

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Around two weeks ago, my mind was melted as I witnessed Temple of Abandonment, whose music moved me beyond fucking belief. When their set was finished, I was left saying to myself, unholy fuck, this band is UNREAL, and I picked up their demo ASAP. While watching Temple of Abandonment, a

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Fuck OFF and DIE!! All I want to do right now is blast the new COUGH song “The Wounding Hours” on repeat! Damn, despair and sonic fucking agony has never sounded so good! Their new LP entitled Still They Pray on June 3rd via Relapse Records. Unholy hell, I’m so

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I can feel death slowly creeping up on me in the form of the new INTO COFFIN LP entitled INTO A PYRAMID OF DOOM that will be released via our comrades over at Caligari Records. This band’s music sounds like a beast chained to the wall trying to break free so

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Ahhh shit… MANTAR is back with a new LP entitled Ode To The Flame, which is going to be their Nuclear Blast debut! If I had to compare this record to a meal, I would say their sound is as big as a Texas T-Bone steak, and with each riff

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The sun is starting to shine up here in the grey Northwest, so I’m starting to look for music that helps me celebrate the bright, cold days. Wildernessking has a new EP, Levitate, coming out April 4th that is exactly what I’m looking for – an uplifting and melancholy celebration

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With all of the fucking madness that is happening around the world on a daily basis, music is an outlet for me and many others to release the anger we have inside! When you’re feeling like the walls of oppression are closing in all around you, it’s good to listen

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Let’s all bug the fuck out now and blast this new DEATH GRIPS instrumental EP!      

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Appearing from seemingly nowhere, like the Word itself, Irkallian Oracle immediately drew an audience with 2013’s seismic debut Grave Ekstasis, a mammoth slab of trance-inducing death worship that only got better with additional listens. It was and is that kind of album, and this simply is that kind of band,

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Do you really need us to tell you what this split is all about and why it’s so fucking huge and memorable? What else is there left to say about two of the currently heaviest bands on the planet? At this point, Primitive Man aren’t even just an underground band

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