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In Italy, not many bands play grindcore like Jesus Ain’t in Poland. They are super-fast, extremely aggressive and heavy. The band started out playing punk-based grindcore on their first EP, Holobscene (2008), and then they shifted to a more death metal-influenced style on their second album, Freiheit macht frei (2012). Now,

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A little while ago, I wrote a feature on one of my favorite NWOTHM bands, Seattle’ SUBSTRATUM, and today I’m very happy to share their new Stratosphere EP in full! Divebomb Records is releasing this sleazy monolith tomorrow, so make sure to get your hands on the pre-order here. Stratosphere is ear candy for

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New Zealand’s THE CAVEMEN are set to release their new LP Nuke Earth on April 6th, and today we get to share a track off it with you entitled “Janey.” It’s Thursday, and you might need something to get you bouncing off the walls just so you have enough energy to

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Portland is our adult Disneyland, mainly because of the plethora of amazing bands that pop up in this PNW town like magic mushrooms! OVER is a band that formed in 2016 and they make post-punk/anarcho-punk/death rock that we’re swooning over. Today we’re excited to share their latest digital-only release, “Amateur Predator.”

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BLASPHEMIC HATEFUL DEATH NOISE.BLASPHEMIC HATEFUL DEATH NOISE. BLASPHEMIC HATEFUL DEATH NOISE.  The new SERUM DREG LP Lustful Vengeance is is being released on April 20th by Invictus & Vrasubatlat is a black sonic firewall of audio HATE that never lets up. Maybe this is why it’s one of my favorite releases

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I am feeling low right now, but I know it won’t last for long because I am blasting the new Sunnata  LP Outlands that comes out this Friday. Their music takes me higher – I don’t know how they do it but this band can mix doom, grunge and dark psychedelia and

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