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STRANGEWEATHER’s self-tilted album that is coming out on 1859 records is PERFECT! How would I describe their sound? They sound like no other band, and create the kind of songs that are meant to wake up humanity. When I hear this band, I think to myself, if the world was

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Poutrage Records, Dingleberry Records, Opposing Music, Itai Itai Records, Fall Into Void Records, Old Town Bicyclette Records – what do all of these labels have in common? They have all united to release the new album by Paris group VALVE, entitled APNEE. Once you press play, what kind of sound

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Well, it makes complete sense that Coffin Birth hail from Australia, a continent thankfully isolated from the rest of the world due to the fact that every creature on it wants you dead. No really, this continent’s wildlife were pretty much designed through evolution to ensure that any encounter results

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Damn, this new TOLAR demo is so fucking good I’m almost at a freaking loss for words! If you are warrior for fast music, then this demo is right up your dirty alley…These Texans wreck shop from the moment you press play. We are streaming the demo in full below,

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Ahh shit… our comrades MONARCH have cooked up two covers that I have had on repeat all freaking day. So the deal is they are releasing a 7 inch EP in April on Fvtvrecordings, a label run by some of the members of the band. MONARCH decided to flip both

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Calling all death metal ghouls: come along and join this morbid riff parade! All you need to do is press play on the stream below and you will be tossed into a neverending pit of rotting riffs, brought to you by STEEL BEARING HAND. On their new self-titled album that

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