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Right now I’m all fucked in the head for different reasons, so I need to hear music that sounds like how I feel! The new CULT OF OCCULT song “Misanthropic” from their soon to be released album Five Degrees of Insanity is the kind of fucked up sonic medicine I

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thaw - St. Phenome Alley
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THAW are one of the leading forces in contemporary Polish black metal. Infused with noise, experimentation, and immense attention to detail and sound. This unusual outing of theirs in more atmospheric and intimate sounds was recorded live during an improvisation session, and is the second time (the first one being the split with Echoes

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Sometimes it’s not about what you hear up front, but what you hear in between the riffs that makes you dig a band! Case in point is the new album from MOLOKEN called All is Left to See, which proves that sludge is not a one dimensional genre. They flip

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Crawling out of the seemingly endless river of moods that is the Portland post-punk scene comes Steel Chains. The refreshingly melodic and melancholy quintet brings back driving ’77 vibes to an audience still desperate for female representation. Everyone perfectly serves their role as the veterans keep the newbies in line

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Bones crack and flesh tears and your desecrated corpse is brought back into nature’s fold…that’s the imagery that is in my mind as I listen to RITUAL KILLER‘s black bile and merciless fury on “As The Vulture Feeds.” Ritual Killer make sure that all of my sins against nature are

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How awesome does rage sound? How beautiful does anger sound? How intense does passion sound? All of these questions can be answered by pressing play below! We are streaming the soon to be released LP by IMPLORE entitled Depopulation that will be released via PELAGIC RECORDS. Over the course of

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There is a war going on in my skull and it’s being caused by the new band KVØID, whose new tape entitled NIHILITY is more deadly than a Bruce Lee punch to the grill! How would I describe their sound? I’m not going to, because we are streaming an exclusive KVØID track

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Like Barney Greenway said in our interview with him last week, it’s not the individuals we need to take down – it’s the system. SENIOR FELLOWS seem to have taken this idea and run with it, creating a full album of angry, angular sounds that tackle the systemic problems in

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What sounds do nightmares make? What sonic textures scream out of the walls of an insane asylum? What inaudible torment takes place inside of abandoned factories? When you listen to the new THEOLOGIAN recordA Means By Which To Break The Surface Of The Real you will find the answers to the above questions. CVLT

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A few months ago, we discovered the heavy excellence of Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, and we haven’t been able to put the fucker down since! So we’re extra happy that we get to co-host the pre-order for their upcoming Tape Worship release, NACHTHEXEN, which will be shipping out starting the 15th of

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Since the inception of CVLT Nation, there are a few people we’ve opened our hearts and home to, and one of those is Ralph from PLANKS – but even before we met this rad dude, PLANKS held a special place in our hearts. This band has continually astounded us with

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So what do we have here? Let me tell you, we have a new SAVIOURS song called “Burning Shrine” and this motherfucker is a straight raging jam!!! Fasten your seat belt, press play and let the mammoth riffs the band kicks out do the rest. Caution: the SAVIOURS have been known to cause

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