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All Out WAR!!! Total Destruction of Authority!!! No Masters Will be Tolerated!!! RAW PEACE has come to wreck shop and that is just what they are doing with their new Total Death that comes out on OCT.26TH via Hypertension Records. This collection of songs is a sonic razor blade aimed at

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Those who crave experimental noise are going to be captivated by the powerful new release from UBOA. Art As Catharsis will be unleashing their LP The Sky May Be on October 18th, and today we are honored to be sharing with you the entire harrowing, delightful album. Pre-order The Sky May Be right here, and right

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Are you fucking ready for the slow-moving death sounds of RUIN? Unholy Bestial fuck – this band’s soon to be released record Human Annihilation is the shit, and it’s totally drenched in the filthy, morbid sound I love!!! The Spanish label Memento Mori is unleashing this beast on Oct. 22nd and we

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The French Riff Dealers known as WITCHTHROAT SERPENT have prepared a new offering to the serpent gods in the form of a sexy new record entitled Swallow the Venom. You already know we’ve been championing this band for a while, and this new LP takes us to higher levels of blues-infused

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Anyone who appreciates some Spot On Post Punk is going toto their shit for the new release from Arctic Flowers.  Sabotage Records in Europe & Arctic Flowers Records in North America will be unleashing their new LP “Straight to the Hunter”on November 30th, and today we’re so happy to be sharing Hallow Water. Pre-order “Straight

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How do you feel about Death Metal that slaughters all who stands in the path of its razor-sharp riffs? The new release from House Of Atreus is coming for you and promises to leave a trail of severed heads in its wake! Iron Bonehead Productions will be unleashing their sophomore LP From the Madness

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