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Immense, Colossal, Massive, Drone, Feedback, Sonic Walls of Nothingness are the words that come to mind as I listen to the new LP by TWINESUNS  entitled The Empire Never Ended, coming out on Jan. 27th via Pelagic Records. Without any drums, this band creates soundscapes that will have your mind transfixed on your future

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SILENT AGE from Chicago, consisting of ex-members of Population (see that band’s 2014 CVLT Nation interview with me here), play a kind of darkened minimalist postpunk that fans of The Sound and Modern Eon should check out. The hardcore punk pedigree of the band is still there, but this is introspective

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Jon Edifice is one of the most talented unknown humans creating Post-Punk right now. Not very much is known about him – which is fine with me, because the music he creates is WAY FUCKING BEYOND SICK!!! The sonic textures that this guy explores will melt your nightmares and lock

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It is fairly easy to get trapped within a style, to the point where your sound becomes concrete, loses its fluidity and simply remains stable. That has not been the case with Emptiness, as the band from Brussels proves with their newest album, Not For Music. The trail of releases

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If you are in need of a ray of darkness shining into your reality directly from the abyss of despair, then look no further than Portugal’s ATILA. His music sounds like what’s happening in a Cyborg’s brain. ATILA’s new LP Body comes out tomorrow, and will be released on CD through Dissociated Records and

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CVLT Nation is proud to present the next in our series of underground classic compilations, BLACK SABBATH’s legendary self-titled debut album! This timeless album came out almost 47 years ago, but today we’ve brought together eight of underground doom’s finest to bring a fresh take on Black Sabbath’s iconic sound – Beastmaker, CHRCH, Jupiterian,

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