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So what happens when Sentient Ruin and Argento Records join forces to release one of the raddest Black Metal records of 2019? The outcome is VERWOED’s new album De Val, which is a beautiful and grim collection of death hymns that drip with sorrow. All of the songs you will encounter on this offering are well written, and seem

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It’s now time for all freaks to check out the movie Tetsuo: The Iron Man, the 1989 Japanese cyberpunk film by cult-film director Shinya Tsukamoto! This movie is so graphic and so awesome!

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HALSHUG HALSHUG HALSHUG – I really fucking dig this band and every release they have put out is top fucking notch! The good news is that they are set to drop a new record called Drøm on July 19th via Southern Lord. Today we have given the honor of sharing with

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SUNNO))) is in an universe that is all of their own! Life Metal is their new album and as we all know it’s a heavy classic! Right here and now check out 20 minutes of these of these giants performing at the Rockefeller Chapel. Life Metal by SUNN O)))

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I recently watched the must-see documentary DEAD HANDS DIG DEEP (written by  Spencer Heath and Jai Love, and directed by Jai Love) that was about one of America’s most fucked in the head bands that goes by the name of KETTLE CADAVER. Their frontman, Edwin Borsheim, inflicted harm on himself that made GG Allin seem like a wimp –

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If you are an avid CVLT Nation reader then you know we are HUGE  Mizmor fans! It has been truly amazing watching this project go from strength to strength. On Saturday May 18th they will be appearing at the Eternal Warfare fest in Portland! Below you can witness one of their

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