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The third and probably the last list of films coming from Openculture that I’m gonna do. I hope you checked the list yourself by now, you can also go back to the two previous lists here and here. At this point, there is really no need for an introduction, but

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The stone monoliths of antiquity have always been a source of mystery. The Pyramids at Giza, Stonehenge, Tenochtitlan…no one has been able to fully explain how they were built, or even more interestingly, why? Carl Munck has invested years into studying ancient stone monoliths. He proposes that these structures were

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One of  the greatest gifts that NYC gave me was the memories of skating its streets and losing myself in the pulse of the city! Johnny Wilson’s new film entitled Sure is full of gnarly skaters doing their thing in the Rotten Apple. It’s rad the way that these dudes will

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EL CHAPO was Public Enemy No. 1 before he was captured recently, and now is Public Enemy No. 1 because he just escaped again. I just watched this fascinating documentary that breakdown his story that I think just might interest you: it’s called Mexico’s Drug Lord: The Rise And Fall Of

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One label that has always remained a constant in my life is 4AD. Not only have I been a fan of their bands since the 80’s – like the Cocteau Twins, Bauhaus, Colorbox and This Mortal Coil – another thing that always intrigued me about this label is their design aesthetic. The documentary you

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Check this vintage BBC graffiti documentary called Watching My Name Go By – it’s a straight blast from the past. This film will show you what NYC used to look like before it became the gentrified place it is today. Before the authorities cracked down on street art, calling it a

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