D.I.Y. or Die:
How to Survive as an Independent Artist
Documentary Now Showing!

D.I.Y. or Die: How to Survive as an Independent Artist could have been made about our lives. Although this documentary,a “celebration of the underdog,” was released in 2002, Sean and I just watched it last night for the first time.

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The Stimulator is back with a new addition to the broadcasts. This episode talks about the US government’s misuse of anti-terror laws that were imposed after 9/11. The FBI turned their evil eye onto domestic groups, using terms like

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100% Thrasher Skate Rock
Now Showing!

I remember when I first heard the term “Skate Rock” – it was some time in the in the 80’s. I automatically wanted to hear what it was all about, and every band had their own sound, which was killer.

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Wake up in the Trees
Hull Tour Diary – Episode 3

The HULL tour is still in full effect, and we are stoked to offer you Episode 3 of their tour diary! This episode follows them from Boise, ID, to Seattle, Portland and the Redwoods on their way down to our

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Beats, Rhymes & Life:
The Travels of a
Tribe Called Quest
Documentary Now Showing!

I can’t front so I won’t front – one of my favorite hip hop groups of all times is a A Tribe Called Quest. Their first three albums are straight classics and will for sure stand the test of time.

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Joy Division’s
“Unknown Pleasures” Album Cover
Explained by Peter Saville

The cover of Joy Division’s 1979 album Unknown Pleasures is as stark and enigmatic as the music itself: a series of jagged white lines against a black background that’s been recreated in tattoos, clothing, and animation. In a clip for

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A New Look at Black Metal’s Unseen Underworld
“ONE MAN METAL” Documentary
Part 2- Now Showing.

Black Metal, the most infamous, obscure and mystic genre of metal music. Possessor of an illustrious heritage, often misunderstood, replete of stories and myths behind the figures who make the music. Noisey and VICE are proud to present “One Man

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Last Days Here…
Pentagram’s Bobby Liebling
Documentary Now Showing!

Last Days Here is a documentary about Pentagram’s Bobby Liebling, and it is a very moving piece of cinema. This dude sold his soul to rock ‘n roll, which is evident while watching this film. I don’t want to give

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Lessons of the Road…
Hull Fall Tour Diary:
Episode Two

Episode Two of the Hull Fall Tour Diary is live, and this time they take us through Lincoln, Nebraska, Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City as they tear up stages alongside Men as Witches, Feeder/Gainer, Dreadnought, Adai and Krustacean. In

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The Art of Pain
Forever: The New Tattoo
Short Film Now Showing

All Text & Video Gestalten A new tattoo underground has emerged in recently years and their cutting-edge visuals go far beyond the tattoo mainstream. Visual artist Alex Binnie is a legend within the international tattoo scene and his Into You

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