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One of the greatest gifts that punk rock gave me was an open mind that will always question authority! Besides listening to music that stood against the status quo, in the 80’s, punks of my generation took actions against the powers of corruption. As I have gotten older, my fight

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A couple of weeks ago, the LA Weekly ran a story about a 1996 student documentary shot by Michael Lucid at Crossroads School in Santa Monica. I was immediately intrigued because Crossroads is right down the street from us, and it’s kind of known as the hippie school stinkin rich

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Now, let me preface this by saying there are some hackers I am down with and others I am not. The ones who hack with no political agenda, just to fuck shit up, those ones are extremely lame. But hacker groups like Anonymous, who show the power of mass political

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I’m a huge nerd when it comes to things that i’m passionate about and BLACK SABBATH is one of those things. I have been in a fan since 1975 as a 5 years old i know this band was special. My wife and i have passed our love for BLACK

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No Racism, No Sexism, No Mistreatment of animals, No Aparthied, No Nuclear War…but yes to the rights of the downpressed worldwide! These were thoughts on our minds in 1983/84. We were the kids of the Anarcho-Punk generation & we were willing to fight for a better world. Our political foundation

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80s HardcoreDocumentariesFilmMusic

There are certain venues that will go down in 80’s SoCal hardcore folklore, such as The Masque, The Starwood, Godzillas, The Cathay De Grand and The Cuckoo’s Nest. Part of the reason why these places are so important is because they helped foster this movement when everyone else was fighting

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Story Resource Dangerous Minds ‘A good photograph,’ says Steve Gullick, ‘is one that looks great, one that captures an interesting moment in time, one that tells a story, or in the case of a portrait, offers an insight into the subject.’ This is could be a description of Gullick’s own

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Apocalyptic BluesDocumentariesFilmMusic

Ever since I can remember, I have been a fan of soul music – meaning music that is created deep within the soul. I have also always been down for the humans that give the middle finger to the system. This is why Johnny Cash’s songs have been a part

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Death MetalDocumentariesFilmMusic

Leafblower Riffs and Battery Licks (Four Dudes Record a Death Metal Album) follows New York death metal favorites MUTANT SUPREMACY as they record their EP. This rockumentary was created by our comrade Suren from f666. Check out how a real death metal EP is made – peep Leafblower Riffs and Battery

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Black MetalDocumentariesFilmMusic

BLACK METAL: THE MUSIC OF SATAN is a 2010 documentary created by Bill Zebub that focuses on the point of view of the artists who create the music themselves. It’s refreshing to watch a film that allows the people who actually make up the scene to have their voices heard.

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HDDT teaser

Are you ready for the heavy? The D.I.Y. doom festival Heavy Days In Doom Town is back and will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 2nd-5th, 2013. The bands that will be performing this year just might be heavier than last year; I’m just saying that they have a

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If you are like me, then you really enjoy the posts we put up featuring corpse photography, pickled organs and oddities, siamese twins and other deformities. Well there is a place for people like you in me in Philadelphia – The Mütter Museum in the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

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