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I’ve lost count to how many documentaries about music in general, and punk or metal in particular, I’ve seen over the last 10 years. I mean, how about leaving something to the imagination? It’s great to know there is plenty of footage of G.G. Allin’s dick out there, but do

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Most common folk know Penelope Spheeris as the woman who made the first Wayne’s World movie, and as significant as that movie would become in pop culture, Penelope gifted us with three other films that have much more depth and meaning to true punk rockers and underground music scenes. These

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VOWWS isn’t a band that allows for a definitive genre: the tracks are industrial and synth-filled, yet with eerie undertones that make the mood foreboding enough to rival the catchier elements. The self-proclaimed “industrial pop” duo, made up of Australia-to-LA transplants Matt and Rizz, release their second full-length, Under the World,

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Check out this new documentary called  Death Row Chronicles that breaks down the demise of one of Hip Hop’s greatest labels. Part 1 focuses on the Boogie Man of the West Coast, Suge Knight. It trips me out watching a film like this, because it brings me back to a certain

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In 1995, slam dancing had morphed into “moshing” and parents everywhere were terrified. Then artists like Marilyn Manson were thrown into the mix, and the media got all up in arms – again – about what kids were doing and listening to in their spare time. Manson and moshing were

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The Prison Industrial Complex is something that truly freaks me out – it is a modern day example of Hell of earth. I am not saying that many people that are behind bars do not deserve it but the majority of them do not deserve solitary confinement. The disturbing documentary

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