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New York in the 80’s was a weird and fucked up place, full of weirdos who gave the city its color! I was a little kid living on the west coast, but I would read the Village Voice weekly trying to see what was happening in the NYC art and punk

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Why is a documentary about PIMP C on CVLT Nation? Because he is an underground Legend that has influenced so many people. To me, he came in the game on some independent, diy shit that I have respect for! RIP PIMP C!      

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This 1978 mini documentary about East L.A. is pretty sad in the sense that you see how the life is being passed down from generation to generation. It makes me wonder if the young kids in this film made it out of gang life. One important fact that is left out

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So what makes DIME–The Dimestore Video so killer is that our two year old daughter Jasper is a fan! To quote her, she said “this video cooool daddy…my want to skateboard like that guy!” (sounds better when she says it because her voice is so cute) – plus she really

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The New Breed Documentary chronicles a tape compilation released in 1989. This compilation featured some of the leading lights in the late 1980’s New York Hardcore scene such as Absolution, Life’s Blood, Raw Deal/Killing Time, Outburst and others. The documentary is centered around band members, fanzine editors, record label heads

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Black Power was a part of Pop Culture during the late 60’s and 70’s, and so was Occult Power and Witch Power. Malcolm Leigh’s documentary Legend of the Witches was the strongest film made about this subject during that era. He took what he was creating very seriously, and you can see it while you are

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