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Check out this emotional performance by AMERICAN NIGHTMARE in Brooklyn at St. Vitus. This intense and moving show was captured by our comrade Max Volume Silence Live.  

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Alright, so a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about this rad death metal band KOMMAND from L.A. When I wrote the feature, I did not know that the band was fronted by Jesse Sanes, the former singer of HOAX! Now that I know what time it is, I want to

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Gimp Masks and Raging Black Metal infused with Chaotic Punk is all I really want, which is why I want HUMAN BODIES to come back – this band fucking ruled!!! If you don’t believe me, check out this sick full set from 2106! HUMAN BODIES: if you see this, please

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UNHOLY TRIPLE FUCK ATONE IS THE SHIT! I say this because looking at the killer video from their debut last month you can see that this band is heavy and dismal as fuck. I am not going to talk about the band’s pedigree, because what is important to me is

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Check out this killer episode of the 80’s public access show “Why Be Something You’re Not” from Detroit featuring the Misfits performing live. Watching this reminds me of what is was like before the internet, and how lucky I was to a part of the 80’s scene!    

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So what happened when NAILS went to Moscow last year? It was PURE RAGING MAYHEM and we have video evidence to prove it! Motherfuckers hanging from the ceiling, and everyone going totally apeshit! Good looking out Sad But True for capturing this historic event!       Brisbane, QLD – Thursday March

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