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CVLT Nation Streaming
Unused 32 Minute
Track by Jimmy Page

Via Dangerous Minds

I think it’s safe to say that the music composed (and performed alone) by Jimmy Page and intended for Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising, but not used, was/is among the very most sought after Led Zeppelin, or in this case Zep-related, bootleg recordings.

The story has long been a foundation of the Led Zeppelin mythos: Page and the mercurial Magus of Cinema had a falling out, then Anger did his patented “curse” routine very publicly going so far as accusing Page of being a mere “dabbler” in the occult and a rich, lazy junkie. Rock journalists began to wonder if Anger’s curse had worked when a succession of tragic events saw Robert Plant badly injured in a 1975 car accident, Plant’s five-year-old son Karac dying suddenly in 1977 and the death of John Bonham in 1980 that instantly ended Led Zeppelin’s reign as the world’s biggest rock group.

There are always two sides to every story and Page maintains that he had given the project financial support, put Ken up in one of his homes (Aleister Crowley’s Boleskine House in Scotland, no less) and lent him film editing equipment. Moreover, he’d given Anger 23 minutes of amazing music. Anger needed an additional five minutes from Page to complete Lucifer Rising, but it was slow arriving and after a shouting match with Page’s wife, he threw a major hissy, “firing” Page and viciously denouncing him—for years—in the media:

“He’s a multi-millionaire miser. He and Charlotte, that horrible vampire girl – the druggie that got him on heroin – they’re both junkies. They had so many servants, yet they would never offer me a cup of tea or a sandwich. Which is such a mistake on their part because I put the curse of king Midas on them. If you’re greedy and just amass gold you’ll get an illness. So I did turn her and Jimmy Page into statues of gold because they’ve both lost their minds. He can’t write songs anymore.”

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The Frogs and Their Toy Porno

Summer is upon us. Instead of going outside, soaking up the sun, and enjoying yourself; you should stay inside, listen to The Frogs, and watch Toy Porno. If you aren’t nuts about The Frogs, that’s a problem. You need to go pick up a copy of It’s Only Right And Natural right now. I know I’ve probably not established that ethos well enough with any of you Cvlt readers to say this and have any credibility at all, but I am completely adamant over the inarguable fact that The Frogs are the greatest rock band… in the world. They’re a duo of two Wisconsin brothers, Jimmy and Dennis Flemion, famous for kickass performances– where they would be adorned in  crazy wigs, black face, and gigantic sparkling wings.  They are as goofy, nonsensical, and utterly ridiculous as they are serious, satirical, and absolutely brilliant. The lyrical content of their discography spreads over a plethora of engaging topics such as gay sex, catchin’ the aids, devil cocks, slavery in the US, the sexuality of God, grunge in Seattle, rape, dying in car crashes, having drugs that will blow yer mind, and pretty much anything else that would probably make most grandmothers really uncomfortable. For a lot of people it just comes off as ” just joke music,” but I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that fully appreciate just how awesome The Frogs are, jokes or not. And if you haven’t had a chance to check them out prior to reading this, Froggin’ it up now will probably be the best life decision you will ever make. Don’t go back to school. Don’t move out of yer ma’s basement.  Don’t get a job. If doing any of those things are going to somehow cause you to continue keeping The Frogs out of your existence, then just don’t.


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CVLT Nation interviews
Phil Anselmo on Housecore
Horror Film Fest

Phil Anselmo doesn’t need an introduction so there isn’t even a point in trying one right now. However, in recent years he’s added more strings to his bow with the establishment of Housecore Records along with his forthcoming solo record. Now teaming up with crime author Corey Mitchell, Anselmo has co-founded the Housecore Horror Film Festival taking place on Halloween in Austin, Texas. The weekend promises to be an unnerving descent into the abyss of horror films with performances from Down and Eyehategod to name a few. CVLT Nation speaks with Phil to find out more.

Let’s start at the beginning. How did the idea for Housecore Horror Film Festival come about?
That’s an amazing question really because I’ve thought to myself a hundred times; how the fuck did I even get this far with this thing? It’s the guy named Corey Mitchell who is a true crime writer, he’s the guy I will be writing my autobiography with. He’s more of a data collector and the type that will make sure the stuff within the book runs perfectly in a timeline. But it was his idea because, I mean, once you come to my house and hang out a little bit, you look around, a lot of my décor, so to speak [laughs], it just screams horror films and once you see my collection, it’s ridiculous so he was like man, you’ve got to share some of these movies with people and just in general. One thing led to another and now it’s just this whole different animal. There’s bands and amazing directors that dedicated to come so it’s a little intimidating but that’s where we’re at.

housecore logoTell us a little about what the festival is about and what it’s trying to achieve?
To achieve? A good time. Period. That’s all, I don’t know what else there is to achieve. From people showing up and saying that they saw great films, for them to actually show up and see movies. I guess the newer submissions especially and maybe even stuff that is older and underground, for people that really want to see films, I hope they have a great time and people that want to hear a whole lot of different bands and a whole lot of variety, I want them to have a good time.

Plus, horror films and heavy metal music have gone hand in hand for a very long time. There’s going to be people there for both and they’re going to have to cram in the best of both worlds. So really man, I’m doing it for fun. We’ll see how it goes this year and if we’re able for it, I’ll start saying this is an annual thing.

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Hollywood and the War Machine
How Blockbusters are Brainwashing Us

Robohub_Exoskeleton_SARCOS_RaytheonOne of the most important tools modern day human beings need for survival is media literacy, and unfortunately it is left off of almost all curriculums at any education level, unless you choose to study it. I say this because I have spoken to way too many people who think that they are winning the battle for their minds, that commercials don’t affect them, that the news is telling them the truth and that they are not being minutely targeted by people with vast resources to control their destinies. It’s not about being stupid; I think that most people are intelligent enough that if they were presented with the facts and a proper contextual understanding of them, they would see right through the propaganda and be outraged. Case in point, the US Military‘s heavy investment in the ideologies presented by Hollywood in many of their blockbuster movies. What got me going on this post was this: initially, this was going to be about the creepy, terrifying and hideously misguided robotics suits being commissioned by the US military from companies like Raytheon for use in the “theatre” of war. These suits ostensibly turn soldiers’ bodies into the Borg that their minds have already become, and are slated to be a part of combat in the next 5 years. I was watching a video about these suits (here) and I was horrified to see that Clark Gregg, a recurring actor from the Iron Man series, was promoting these suits as being “just like what we use in Iron Man.” Hey kids, you can be just like your hero Iron Man and go crush some foreign Charlie with your robot hands! Fuck the world!

This reminded me of an amazing episode of Al Jazeera‘s Empire that I watched a couple of years ago, “Hollywood and the War Machine,” that goes into detail about the symbiotic relationship between the major studios and the US Military Industrial Complex. The episode discusses how, in exchange for the FREE use of military equipment and facilities, Hollywood films often “tailor” their messages to suit the military’s propaganda, including completely rewriting history to paint the leaders of the US military in a positive light, instead of as the warmongering dirtbags they are. There is a division of the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense Film Liaison Unit, which looks over and edits screenplays that are submitted in exchange for the use of military resources, and sends liaison officers to oversee the filming to make sure that no “offensive” scenes make it into the movie. Any scenes that implicate the US military in war crimes, unwarranted instigation of attacks, warmongering or pursuing military involvement for financial gain are removed or rewritten, and if the directors don’t agree to the changes then Pentagon support is pulled, meaning the cost of props and filming skyrockets by millions. Empire talks to people like legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone and Phil Strub of the US Department of Defense Film Liaison Unit about the military’s involvement in shaping public perception through film. This is the kind of knowledge that should be passed to children before they are exposed to films that are tailor-made to give them a positive view of the military history of the US and potentially send them into its’ clutches. Instead of funding media literacy programs for all elementary, middle and high schools in the country, our taxes go to controlling the very media that we are told is free of government influence. My big question to the people who say that media has little or no influence on our culture: why are millions, billions, spent every year on advertising, product placement in TV and film and both overt and covert influence on media producers if it has no proven effect? After the jump, watch Empire‘s “Hollywood and the War Machine.”

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Charles Manson Superstar:
Redux Documentary
Now Showing!

Charles Manson Superstar: Redux is a film that will break it all down about this mythical figure. Being a cild of the 70′s, I remember hearing about Charles Manson at a very early age, plus growing up in Venice all of the older weirdos had stories about him. Without a doubt, he was a product of this fucked up society – really fucking racist and sexist, which I just can’t get down with. At the same time, a film like Charles Manson Superstar: Redux gives a good insight into his mind and into the minds of those who still follow him. When I hear the nazi fuckface James N. Mason talk about how he is so down with Manson, I want to cut his tongue out and tar and feather him. The thing about listening to some one like him speak is that you get to know how your enemy thinks! Charles Manson is not my superstar, but I have always been fascinated by his power over weak-minded people…Watch the film after the jump! NAZIS FUCK OFF!

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If I Am Your Mirror
Animated film by Garrett DeHart

Even though I don’t see it when I look out my window, I live in a country at war. For the past decade, kids from my neighborhood have joined the US military – to get a degree, a “good” job, a paycheck, to fight for a false ideal – and they come back with war in their minds and hearts. I can’t see the violence and trauma in their souls, nor can I see the indelible images in their brains; they aren’t things I even want to imagine. The fear, the smells of burning flesh and blood, the ear-crushing booms of bombs and bullets are all real life horror and nightmare. If I Am Your Mirror captures this in breathtaking painted animation; director and animator Garrett DeHart was inspired by Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart and romantic painting, and sets a scene of mass murder and revenge that has left me unsettled and sad, but at the same time blown away by the beauty of his film. The protagonist is played by Larry Holdman (Batman Begins, Memento), whom the film is also in memory of, and his character invites us into the dark and paranoid worldview of a veteran of the Civil War. His world is painted black after witnessing so much murder and mayhem, some at his own hands, and he is unable to cope with the world around him. At times we are in his mind, at others we are watching him from the outside, but the lines are blurred and leave the viewer with a feeling of sickness at the cruelty of human beings. This film may mean different things to different people, but to me it is a reminder of why war is to be abhorred and not exalted, and it will keep me speaking out against the bullshit and lies that push my neighbors into its clutches, only to come back broken and scarred. Check out If I Am Your Mirror below and more information about the film and DeHart after the jump.

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Dead Weight
Film Review

Dead Weight is a survivor drama that follows protagonist Charlie Russell (Jon Belknap) as he makes his way through the frigid landscapes of Wisconsin in the wake of a viral catastrophe in hopes of finding his girlfriend Samantha (Mary Lindberg). Sharing both directorial and writing duties, long time friends John Pata and Adam Bartlett execute a successful story that’s as much about survival as it is about love.


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