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Supermoon Sea Cave Ritual Featuring Bädr Vogu, Folivore, Fórn & Akatharsia

On 8/10/14 in San Francisco (((California))), deep within a haunted cave an evening of cataclysmic doom occurred…

Imagine being lead down a pitch black sandy cave, with an unrelenting thunderous roar of waves crashing into the earth that you stand inside, and having that drowned out by a tunnel of inescapable heaviness. That is what this evening was like. Thanks very much to my friend and fellow videographer, Kevin Hobbs, for capturing the sonic crushing!

Akatharsia opened the show. They are a new band from Oakland, featuring members of Fell Voices & Negative Standards. Their s/t first recording came out earlier this year on Psychic Violence and is getting the vinyl treatment from Econo Jam Records later this year.

Captured by Kevin Hobbs

Forn, from Boston (((Massachusetts))), played second. They are one of the Heaviest bands on the East Coast and this was their first Bay Area show. Their debut, “The Departure of Consciousness, was given the vinyl treatment by Vendetta Records based out of Germany.  

Captured by Brian Pelletier


Folivore, from Santa Cruz (((California))), played third. Folivore is Heavy as fuck and play some of the nastiest Psychedelic Sludge/Doom around.


Badr Vogu, from Oakland (((California))), capped off the evening. They just returned to The Bay after touring throughout the United States and this was their final night of tour.

Captured by Kevin Hobbs


KING DUDE Video Premiere
“Lay Down in Bedlam”

KING DUDE is an artist on many levels; not only does he push forward with his music – case in point, his latest offering FEAR via Not Just Religious Music – he is also adept at creating visuals that expand on his sound, but also tell as story of their own. Today we’re stoked to bring you a premiere of his video for “Lay Down in Bedlam” off of Fear – a celebration of the beauty and darkness of America. Earth, sky and guns; leather and the open road; bullet belts and assault weapons. Both the song and the video take us on a sordid trip into a culture where King Dude and his posse stand out in stark, dark contrast; but at the same time, they are at home on the dusty ground, with cold, black steel in their hands. Check out “Lay Down in Bedlam” below and check out his tour dates alongside Earth this September…


Seattle, WA
The Crocodile

Bellingham, WA
The Shakedown

Portland, OR
Doug Fir Lounge

Sacramento, CA
Midtown Barfly

Santa Cruz, CA
The Catalyst Atrium

San Francisco, CA
Bottom Of The Hill

Los Angeles, CA
Masonic Lodge @ Hollywood Forever

San Diego, CA
San Diego Music Thing

Tempe, AZ
Yucca Tap Room

Albuquerque, NM
Sister Bar

Austin, TX
Red 7

Dallas, TX
Club Dada

New Orleans, LA
One Eyed Jacks

Atlanta, GA
Drunken Unicorn

Raleigh, NC
Kings Barcade

Washington, DC
Rock & Roll Hotel

Allston, MA
Great Scott

Brooklyn, NY
Saint Vitus

Philadelphia, PA
Boot & Saddle

Urbana, IL
Pygmalion Music Festival

Chicago, IL
The Empty Bottle

Kansas City, MO
The Record Bar

Denver, CO
Larimer Lounge
https //

Salt Lake City, UT
The Complex

Boise, ID



It’s Everything Time…
A GANG GANG DANCE Retrospective
In Full Effect!

While living in the Lower East Side of New York one band changed the way I visualized and heard music they went by the name of GANG GANG DANCE. This group of humans created sound waves that became their ocean of audio enchainment.Most the members were the by product of the punk plus metal scenes but with this band they blended all of their life experiences into something that was all of their own. If anyone would ever try to put GANG GANG DANCE into a box that would be an injustice to this bands creative spirit. What they manifested sonically was tied to nature but at the sometime had the urban chaos of New York steaming through it.Lizzie’s voice is haunting while transcendental at the time.When her cosmic shouts were bounced off of Brian’s outergalatic beats the magic of the unicorn would take flight in your eardrums…While Josh Diamond provided a heavy dose of supernatural baselines the drumming of Jesse Lee would have the listener moving non-stop. Props must be given to their first drummer Tim Dewitt for pushing the band to a planet called bugged out when he sat behind the kit. GANG GANG DANCE are a band that created sounds to expand our imaginations while making move our asses at the mother fucking same time.Watching them chick out their jams live was and is a very special experience that will living you saying oh shit what did I just witness! All of the GANG GANG DANCE albums are an universe unto them themselves that unveil new stories with each listen. On the real this band are good example of a punk band because they manifested their art based on their own rules not what society said they should be.Today CVLT Nation salutes GANG GANG DANCE as one of the raddest bands of this decade…We want to hear more from GANG GANG DANCE…Holla If You hear ME!…Now check out this outergalatic video essay!…Respect due to Social Registry for holding down GGD from day one!




The Serpent’s Eyes…
New TOMBS video for “Seance”

TOMBS’ 2014 release Savage Gold has earned the band many well-deserved accolades, and on Sunday they released a video for their song “Seance” off the record. The visuals on “Seance” are the psychedelic counterpart to the aggressive sounds of Tombs, and take us into the very synapses of creation and memory. Both the song and the video are a reminder of our connection to the universe and the unexplained nature of our minds…check out “Seance” below!



Sound and Fury…

It’s no secret that AMENRA creates stunning sounds, but they are also experts at creating moving and profound imagery to accompany their music; sounds and visuals go hand-in-hand for this Belgian band. They have just released a video for their the acoustic verion of their song “RAZOREATER” off of the Consouling Sounds 10″ picture disc split release with Madensuyu. Their attention to detail is evident in every shadow and light in this gorgeous video. Directed by Nathalie Teirlinck, it brings Amenra’s music to life in a haunting and captivating way. Check out “RAZOREATER” below…as well as some “making of” photos from Church of Ra member Mathieu Vandekerckhove.

AMENRA – RAZOREATER (acoustic) from Nathalie Teirlinck on Vimeo.

PS. Can I just say how excited I am about their upcoming acoustic EP Afterlife coming out on Neuropa Records in September…stay tuned for more info!

image (1)

image (2)

image (3)

image (4)



Directed by Nathalie Teirlinck
D.O.P Rik Zang
MU/Hair Laura Noben
Styling Stoffie
Editing Stijn Deconinck
Cast Igor Shyshko – Stéphanie Frederickx – Jente Claus -Yuna & Castro
Cam Assistent Vincent-Aaron Segers
Gaffer Joost Henderieckx – Pol Stinders – Dieuwert Vandekerckhove
Props Lendert Pauwels
recorded by Lander Cluyse at Hearse studio, Heule BE
mastered by Chris Common at Twin Hills, El Paso TX
appears on the picture disc split 10″ w/ Madensuyu
on Consouling Sounds BE 2014


JOY DIVISION Live in 1979 // 1980

It’s no secret that at CVLT Nation we love JOY DIVISION! So today here’s a collection of live performances between 1979 & 1980…what I would give to have been there!

Bowdon Yale. 14 March 1979:

Apollo Theatre. 27 October 1979:

Apollo Theatre. 20 October 1979:
12) TRANSMISSION (encore)

Effenar. 18 March 1980:


feat_HH copy

Haunted Horses “Servant” Video Premiere

Haunted Horses are a band we admire here at CVLT Nation, and we’re stoke to bring you something special from them today. Check out this video for their song “Servant” off of their upcoming 7″, the first of Fainting Room Collective‘s Triple-Six Series Box Set. The series pairs artists and musicians to create unique, symbiotic expressions, and this video brings you into an unsettling scene, the abrasive sounds of Haunted Horses paired with a ghostly and ominous figure. Also find Haunted Horses tour dates below!

Haunted Horses – Servant (Official Music Video) from What's Up Seattle on Vimeo.

Haunted Horses Tour Dates:
10/01/14 – TOUR: SEATTLE
venue: black lodge
playing with: tba

10/02/14 – TOUR: PORTLAND
venue: high water mark
playing with: tba

10/03/14 – TOUR: RENO
venue: holland project
playing with: tba

10/04/14 – TOUR: OAKLAND
playing with: ovvn, tba
venue: the night light

10/05/14 – TOUR: LA
playing with: coming, tba
venue: the complex


Ferocious vs. Bloodthirsty!
Full Sets Now Showing!

If you follow CVLT Nation then you know that we are huge fans of both OATHBREAKER & YAITW. So we could not pass up the chance of sharing with you their feral & mind-numbing performances at The Acheron in Brooklyn. Much respect due to PITFULLOFSHIT for capturing this insane footage! Make sure to catch OATHBREAKER on tour now with CULT LEADER.


Photo by Luana Magalhães


Raw Fucking Black Metal!
Vilkacis – The Fever of War

Vilkacis is the solo project of Mike Rekevics – perhaps better known for his drum work as part of California black metal/drone ensemble Fell Voices – and so far has seen just one release, last year’s EP The Fever of War, which last month saw re-release through Dead Section Records. Vilkacis purveys a freezing, lo-fi black metal augmented by epic guitar riffing and yawning, atmospheric chasms – a step away from the bone-numbing frost of Rekevics’ previous work with Fell Voices and Ash Borer, and toward the grim bones of early black metal’s more atmospheric-minded moments.

Rekevics performing with Fell Voices at Saint Vitus (photo by Fred Pessaro)
Rekevics (right) performing with Fell Voices at Saint Vitus (photo by Fred Pessaro).

If Darkthrone’s ‘En Vind Av Sorg’ was a moonless winter night, Vilkacis’ ‘Freezing Hell’, The Fever of War‘s opening track, is the following dawn – with Rekevics’ guitar slowly but proudly rising over the snow-shod landscape set up by the band’s rhythm section. Throughout The Fever of War, the instrumentals are hypnotic and massive, and the gritty production compresses them into a chill-inducing, intricate wall-of-noise that seems to rise over whistling wind. There’s little room for frivolity on this record, with the barest hint of folk on ‘Wolf’s Eyes’ vanishing into white gloom, and ‘Sentinel At the Gate’, an airy synth piece, adding space to its scope by allowing the notes to fade into silence. What little melody the guitar riffs offer is just a gateway to the hypnotism The Fever of War drags the listener into.

Perhaps what’s most striking about The Fever of War, however, is Rekevics’ marriage of his work on more ambient-minded black metal with the all of the accoutrements of the genre’s Norwegian days. The instrumentals are dynamic, but repetitive to the point of hypnotic, and make no room for Rekevics’ gruff roar as it appears and vanishes just as quickly, lending them a sort of proclamatory element that wouldn’t be out of place on an early Immortal record. ‘Wolf’s Eyes’ has the drums fall away from the guitar/bass duo, dragging the listener through a soaring blizzard before returning to the ground again. The aforementioned ‘Sentinel At the Gate’ mixes Paysage d’Hiver-like soundscapes with the meditative, ululating drone of Fell Voices.

There’s a bizarre stillness that takes hold as the band continues – almost oxymoronic when the instrumentals, which are bold and strident, are considered. But as they paint their bleak picture, slowly enfolding the listener in frigid layers of snow and grandiose atmosphere, it becomes clear that despite the belligerent title of The Fever of War, Vilkacis distances itself from the precocious violence of black metal, preferring instead to marry the past and present of black metal into a unique affair that can only become more fascinating.


Fever of War is now available through Dead Section and Psychic Violence Records.



Punk’s Not DEAD!
It’s Just Full of Young Guns… Huge Punk Video Essay

Many of the older heads from my generation believe that Punk died with them in the 80′s, but they have it all wrong! The movement is so alive with so many different forms of expression, from backyard parties to DIY spaces, run by punks for punks. On a musical tip, my mind is blown on the daily by a new Punk band I have never heard of, who are so fucking on point I recognize that I’m listening to something special. I’m not saying that what happened in the late 70′s and 80′s didn’t lay a foundation for punk today, but the kids of 2014 are building a new foundation that is just as valid as the punks that came before them. Today CVLT Nation celebrates the new school, with a huge video essay featuring Blazing Eye, Drug Lust, Glue, Vacant Future, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, The Flex, Violent Reaction, Institute, Hounds of Hate, S.H.I.T., Impalers, Column of Heaven, Ilsa, Abortion Reels, Replica, ZyanosE, Bleed the Pig, Savageheads, The Stasi, Thumpsuckers, Act of Impalement, System Fucker, The Repos, Lumpy and the Dumpers, Salvation, HOAX, IN DISGUST, Stoic Violence, GAG and KURRAKÄ!