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HALSHUG HALSHUG HALSHUG – I really fucking dig this band and every release they have put out is top fucking notch! The good news is that they are set to drop a new record called Drøm on July 19th via Southern Lord. Today we have given the honor of sharing with

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Right here and now, I am saying that the THEORIES album Vessel, out now on Corpse Flower Records, just might be the grindcore LP of 2019! Feel free to tell me I am wrong, but the fact is I just might not believe you! DYLAN DECARLO had this to say about this sonic

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Imagine if the band Suicide decided to play straight garage punk – the outcome would be the sound of IMPOSITION MAN. This band’s self-titled LP is full of jams that will keep you moving! We are proud to be premiering their new video for “Promise of Salvation” below. You can pre-order

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To say I feel honored to be sharing this new visual from BAD BREEDING  called “Whose Cause?” with you would be a HUGE understatement! This band means so much to me because they create intense, urgent peace punk that sounds so fresh but brings me back to my youth! When

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WOOLWORM’s Deserve To Die is one record that is super important to our whole family. We all think it’s a perfect collection of songs! When we blast these jams in our HQ, it makes us all want to fly up in the sky and kiss the sun. WOOLWORM has the

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Straight up, MORTAL WOUND creates the kind of unwholesome, pestilent riffs that give my whole body spasms. This Cali Death Squad’s last effort  Forms of Unreasoning Fear – out now via Maggot Stomp – is a fucking classic in my book because their HUGE sound is fucking addictive! Check out their insane visual for

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