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One of our favorite post punk outfits RITUAL HOWLS are about to release their new album Rendered Armor via Felte Records on March 22nd. Trust me when I say that this record is going to change the game! We are beyond honored to be premiering their new visual for “Alone Together,” created

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Shadowhouse create beautiful, melancholy post-punk, so we’re very excited to hear that they’ve got a new full-length in the works for 2019 entitled Forsaken, Forgotten. They’re also on tour this month, hitting a few cities in SoCal and Mexico, so make sure to check the dates below. Right here and

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Damn the song you are about to hear is so wrong that it is right! Imagine if Nick Cave formed a band with EYEHATEGOD plus Portishead the end result might come close the sound of Niggght! This new band from Montreal is the fucking shit and their soon to be released

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There’s nothing more captivating for me than a doomy, dreamy sound that perfects the balance between heavy and and ethereal. The UK’s LATITUDES do just that with their sweeping sound that could almost be described as gothic doom. Right now I’m being carried away on the crashing waves of their

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Straight up LEECHFEAST has been one of our favorite Sludge bands for years! Their last release Neon Crosses took the genre to new heights and pushed the art form in new exciting directions! Now the band is coming stateside with the help of our comrades Midnite Collective for 3 special

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At the end of this month, avant-garde champions Consouling Sounds are releasing a mesmerising self-titled debut record from BOLT RUIN via their electronic imprint Circuits. Today we’re excited to bring you the video premiere for the track “Psilentze” – this video leads you into a gorgeous wilderness, with elements of

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