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Consouling Sounds is one of the labels that continues to push boundaries and is always taking chances. The new DAGHRAVEN record is a prime example – they create massive walls of drone that you can lose yourself in! Check out their new visual, which is as twisted as it is beautiful! DAGHRAVEN’s

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Without apology, I’m the first to admit that our whole family is addicted to the occult-infused riffs of ELECTRIC WIZARD. That is why I wanted to share this rad footage of the Wizard killing it at Roskilde Festival. When I see our 2 year old head banging to “Funeralopolis,” it makes me

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Open the fucking door in the name of a ELEPHANT RIFLE – we are about to kick a hole in your reality with this drugged-out angular brand of noise rock! We did a full stream of the band’s album Ivory back in May. Now they are back with a rad video for

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Rotterdam’s GOLD have put together a terrifying video together for their tune “And I Know Now” off their recent release No Image via Profound Lore and it doesn’t feature anything dark, creepy or bloody. Instead it’s a glimpse into the uniquely American phenomenon of the Black Friday Sale rampage. Like

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I enjoy all KINDS of music, but I would not say I’m the hugest modern R&B fan. That being said, for different reasons I really dig The Weeknd and his brand of almost morbid, dark R&B. Something about his production on his first mixtapes have a gloomy vibe about them that gets

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From the first moment I heard Bjork, I have been a fan. Following her career over the years has been fun because she has no boundaries. Today she released her video for her new song “Mouth Mantra,” and it is a show stopper. Check out Bjork’s new visual that was

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