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Possessed by the Rise of Magik
Live Ritual Showing + Dates!

Yo Adam, pass me that spliff and blast that doom…the kind that will have my braincells in the THC clouds. Better yet Sean, I’ll turn you on to my band RAMESSES, the psychedelic warlords of the underworld! From the very first time I heard this band, I knew they were a trip that I wanted to take. This summer is major for RAMESSES: their record Possessed by the Rise of Magik via Ritual Productions (limited to only 200) has been remixed by Justin Broadrick (Godflesh/Jesu) and is avaiable now HERE! Hold on, there’s more: in August they will be smoking their way around the UK with EYEHATEGOD & Dopefight, check out the tour poster after the jump. Since I’m about to get my high on, I have put together a resinated video essay featuring RAMESSES live footage and other weirdness. Also, stay tuned for a CVLT Nation & RAMESSES interview in the near future. Now fill up your bong, light that shit and inhale the videos after the jump!

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The Great Unholy Beast
WHITEHORSE Live In Brooklyn
Now Showing!

Unholy fuck, CVLT Nation is way beyond hyped because WHITEHORSE is coming to Los Angeles! They have been bursting ear drums all over the country with their punishing brand of doom, and it’s finally our turn when they play The Joint at the Ear/Splitters // Ovrcast // CVLT Nation event this Friday. Our New York comrade Frank Huang captured their most recent show in Brooklyn at the Acheron. This is a message to all doom heads in the city of devils: make sure to come out this Friday to the Joint to see WHITEHORSE…Now peep them destroying Brooklyn after the jump!

Plus, CVLT Nation is giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky person who emails us at by this Thursday at noon!

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SST Records 1985 Tour Featuring:
Saccharine Trust/Meat Puppets/
The Minutemen/Hüsker Dü
Now Showing!

When I think about the 80′s record labels that changed the way we listen to music, SST Records is at the top of my list! I really believe that without this label, Indie Rock, Sludge, Grunge and Avant Garde music wouldn’t exist the way they do now. I could list all of the rad bands that they released, but it might make your head spin. The people that ran SST Records were open-minded and this is reflected in every level of their business. I was lucky enough to be around at what I consider the first peak for SST Records. I got to see the the TOUR at UCLA in 1985 that featured SWA, Saccharine Trust, Meat Puppets, The Minutemen and Hüsker Dü – a night that I will never forget. This is why today CVLT Nation would like to share with you the same show in full from The Stone in San Francisco, CA, after the jump!

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Grand Cromlech HIVELORDS
Review + Brain Numbing Footage


Hivelords are a relatively new band taking their first steps on the scene, this is their second release (they have released a first Demo almost at the end of last year) “Grand Cromlech”, produced by Chris Grigg of the band Woe. Featuring two tracks only, it sure left me begging for more. Away from production, which gives the tracks this sound almost as if they were played live (it pulls to my mind the kind of sound production you hear on Coffinworm’s “When All Became None”) each track is brilliantly crafted which leave us absolutely at the mercy of the quality of this band. “Upon arrival at the grim structure” start in this wobbly, drunken slow pace while the voice lurks in every shadow and lashes us with their cries of agony, and from there on it drags us thru this dark alley during 7 minutes. “Divining goliath astragals” is a more different beast, not as slow-paced as the previous track, it begins automatically with an attack of blackened riifs and blastbeat rhytm. And along those 7 minutes we are constantly tangled in this web of blackened sludge designed by Hivelords. An amazing sample for sure of what’s to come.

The band is giving this awayrelease for free at their Bandcamp. So go there and listen to one of the most promising acts in these couple of years. Peep radical live footage and their tour poster after the jump – Ear/Splitters is bringing HIVELORDS & Sadgiqacea to Fullerton this Sunday!

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Radical 6/18/12 Full Set
Now Showing!

Photos by Bubba Hamilton

One of the gnarliest tours of the summer has just ended! The HEARTLESS & DEAD IN THE DIRT onslaught is over, but our comrades at South Florida Hardcore captured this sick set @ Pembroke Pines’ Talent Farm. Check out both of their beyond insane sets below so you can see it for yourself. It should be noted that HEARTLESS & DEAD IN THE DIRT are cool fucking humans, plus epic musicians, so you should support these bands any way you know how. Fuck the dumb shit, press play and the brutal party started!


Boiled Angel…
Full Set St.Vitus Bar
Now Showing!

I smell death; actually, I smell the doom-laden stench of DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT. These British warlocks of sonic torment have been ripping apart stages up and down the east coast! Unholy beast, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT straight wrecked shit at the St. Vitus bar in Brooklyn, and our comrade Frank Huang was on hand to capture their intense set. We fucking salute DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT for giving an unreal performance and Frank’s filming of this show was beyond epic! To bear witness to this visual madness, peep it all below.

“No More Than A Soaked Plank”
Now Showing!

From the bleak underworld comes the band YELLOW EYES, who released an epic tape in January via Sol Y Nieve entitled Silence Threads The Evening’s Cloth. The band filmed an intense performance video for “No More Than A Soaked Plank” from said tape. Now open your eyes and peep the new YELLOW EYES video below!

Yellow Eyes – No More Than A Soaked Plank (live) from ImperialHunger on Vimeo.

Video Fancy
Now Showing!

Now this is beyond weird and way fucking beyond epic: the new CRYPTS video directed by Seattle’s visual wizards DUMB EYES entitled “FANCY”. The band is fronted by the forever unhinged ex-frontman of These Arms Are Snakes Steve Snere, and the music is cyco deranged experimental, electronic goth that will destroy your brain matter. The CRYPTS chose the best aliens they could find to direct this video in DUMB EYES. Watching this video makes me happy on a universal tribe level, because I know Chris from Dumb Eyes from my time living in London, and Steve from my time living in Seattle. So seeing these two come together is amazing, and I see great things happening for both of them in the near future! Now get your eyes ready and peep the CRYPTS video “FANCY” below! Stay tuned for more info about an upcoming CRYPTS tour.

CVLT Nation Exclusive
Pallbearer Live Footage
Profound Lore Scion Showcase

So what do we have here? Exclusive off the chain footage and live downloads of Pallbearer. I was personally witness to the unreal performance this band gave at the Profound Lore//Scion showcase, so it’s an honor to be able to share these two songs with the CVLT Nation readers, as well as a cool interview with Pallbearer. Scion and Profound Lore are releasing the full compilation to the public for free download tomorrow, which also features tracks from Wolvhammer, Loss, Atlas Moth, and Yob. Make sure to check out the upcoming Southern Lord Scion Showcase this Saturday in Pomona! Also, stay tuned for a Pallbearer Sonic Cathedrals!

Rage In 3-D…
HOAX & Sex Prisoner Full Sets
Now Showing + More

Power of the Riff is in full attack mode and taking no shorts! This weekend the 16th they are bringing the almighty HOAX & Sex Prisoner to Los Angeles. It will all go down at the Blue Star, and if you want your music raw and fucking uncut, you better not miss this show! For those not in the city of devils, peep this chaotic footage from both bands before and after the jump! Also check out the rest of the HOAX dates…

HOAX tour dates after the jump!
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Video Stille Stille
Now Showing!

CVLT Nation’s favorite blackened Nordic weirdo OEDE is back with a video for “Stille Stille” off of his radical album One Man’s Trash, out now on Holy Terror. This 1 minute 21 second visual is a perfect slice of his demented mind. OEDE has a sense of humor that comes through in what he creates, but at the same time, you can tell that this dude means business. If you haven’t read our review for One Man’s Trash, you can check it out HERE, and peep the video below!

Take Me to the Other Side
Spacemen 3
1989 Full Set Now Showing!

All I wanted was a giant wall of feedback, and the almighty Spacemen 3 always gave it to me. I don’t have to write much, everyone knows that this band helped to shape the way bands used distortion in 80′s & 90′s, plus they were wizards at repetition. Spacemen 3 are to rock & roll what John Coltrane was to jazz. This band knew how to hypnotize the listener with slow-moving soulful riffs. Without screaming or playing fast, Spacemen 3 were mad punk and ultra heavy on their own terms. Thanx to other nerds like me and the internet, today CVLT Nation can share with you full set of Spacemen 3 performing at the Forum Enger in Germany on the 6th of May, 1989. Start playing with fire and tune into this epic gig below!

Amazing Full CONVERGE Set
Now Showing!

Any way you slice it, the recent CONVERGE show in New York was off the fucking meat rack. Again 1000knives proved why they promote some of the sickest hardcore shows in NYC. Hate 5 Six was on hand to video CONVERGE do their thing, and they shot this show from multiple angles. This might be one of the gnarliest live videos I have ever seen. As a unit, CONVERGE was on fire the whole set, and had the audience by their throats. Honestly, this footage will captivate all of your senses – do me a favor, make sure to tell a friend about this, because this is a must see for the world! CVLT Nation salutes CONVERGE, 1000knives, Hate 5 Six and the fans for making this fucking happen. All We Love We Leave Behind…this might be…make sure to peep this video below!

Photo by Michel van Lennon

Converge (Multi-Cam Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

Numb Your Mind Brooklyn…
Full Set Now Showing!

Full of Hell fucking wrecked shit in Brooklyn at the St. Vitus Bar, and the whole deranged nightmare was captured by Frank Huang. After watching this footage, you will see why this band has the power to make you shit yourself! As a frontman, Dylan reminds me of the bastard child of Ian Curtis and Henry Rollins because of the way he delivers his whole being into every moment he has on stage. Full of Hell is a sonic unit that focuses on bringing a new kind of heavy to music, and in my book, they are doing great fucking job! Check out their southeast tour dates after the jump!

Tour Dates after the jump!
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28 Minute Video
Now and Forever Now Showing.

A couple of months ago, Consouling Sounds released a transcendental album by Church of Ra member SYNDROME, entitled Now and Forever. Now this project has a new life in the form of an epic video by Tine Guns. Just like the audio version of this record, this visual works on so many different levels to evoke emotion and also give space for your imagination to flourish. SYNDROME has a view of the universe that I respect, and this visual only strengthens my regard. CVLT Nation would like to thank everyone that took part in creating this moving piece, and to read our review of Now and Forever go HERE!

pic by Jan Opdekamp

Deaf Wish Video
Now Showing!

Deep in the underworld of St. Louis live the sludge/doom demons FISTER. These humans not only create ultra gnarly tunes, but are also very prolific in the process. So far this year they have released two EP’S – The Infernal Paramount( pre-order HERE) & Violence, plus a compilation of all of their demos. Head over to the FISTER bandcamp so you can get your download on at name your own price styles! Right now I want to talk about the extra blazing video they conjured for their song “DEAF WISH” off of The Infernal Paramount. The visual is not only mad fucking heavy, but the song is also a fucking banger! So peep this motherfucking killer video below, but make sure you don’t burn your eyes out in the process. Stay tuned for some full FISTER reviews!

Full Scion Rock Fest Set
Now Showing

All hell broke loose this past weekend in Tampa, Florida, at the Scion Rock Fest, and South Florida Hardcore was on hand to capture it! One set he filmed that blew my mind was ALL PIGS MUST DIE. If you don’t know, now you know: we are huge fans of APMD. So we are beyond stoked to be sharing with you their full, off-the-chain set! Peep them totally destroy everything below and big shout out to the head bangers/skull crushers!

Unreal Visual History:
Whirlwind Hardcore vol.1
Video Compilation From The ’80s.

Fucking amazing!! WHIRLWIND HARDCORE Vol 1 is showing today on CVLT Nation. This collection of live footage from the likes of CHAOS UK, ATTITUDE, NAPALM DEATH, HERESY, ELECTRO HIPPIES, CHRIST ON PARADE, CONCRETE SOX, RIPCORD and many fucking more is priceless. All of this action was shot on VHS, but with the invention of the internet now other generations of underground music weirdos can enjoy it too. What impresses me about WHIRLWIND HARDCORE Vol 1 is how creators were able to capture so many awesome British bands that can only be seen in this video. Now tune into a hardcore history lesson and see how the gnarly school wrecked shit after the jump!

“Secular Front” Now Showing!

So here is some killer news: one of our favorite young video directors, Max Moore, has done it again by creating an off the hook video for WHIPS/CHAINS‘ song “Secular Front.” This band has just joined the DEATHWISH roster and already have their EP Master/Slave on sale HERE! The visuals for this apocalyptic d-beat war cry are eye catching for sure. You can feel that both Max & WHIPS/CHAINS shared input to create something that represents the band 100%. Master/Slave is a sick EP, so you better check it out! In the meantime, make your way to the front and check out the “Secular Front” video below!