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Being a youngster in the 80’s punk scene was the shit, and it exposed me to all kinds of freaks. I remember looking up to some of the older punks because they had certain knowledge about life and the world that they could share with me. I knew some of

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This feature is for all heavy weirdos out there who love EYEHATEGOD and HIGH ON FIRE. Check out both bands kill shit at the Ottobar in Baltimore on April 27th. All of this insane footage was captured by our comrade Frank Huang aka PITFULLOFSHIT, and proves once again he is

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Avant GardeMusic Videos

CVLT Nation is honored to premiere the new video from HK8 for their song “Jihad” today! This Bladerunner-inspired video is a jihad on the brain – watching the white noise flash subliminal imagery across my retinas is like having someone take steel wool to my eyeballs. The sonic chaos it

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When many people think of 80’s goth, one band that gets overlooked is The DANSE SOCIETY. Personally I think that this band was way before their time and were willing to take chances that others were not. It was not uncommon for them to incorporate almost a house vibe into

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Martin Luther King had a dream, and I have a dream as well, and that is to see OATHBREAKER live! I know for a fact that this band will put me in a state of hardcore extacy. Anyway, check out this totally unreal set of OATHBREAKER straight killing shit at

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DoomFilmMusicMusic Videos

Unholy fuck, I just found this and it’s fucking HEAVY!!! A full set of ELECTRIC WIZARD performing live in the States and the year was 2002…All you have to do now is GET STONED & GET DOOMED!

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