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YIDHRA have the bloodlust, and on their new video for “Blood is the Harvest” of their album HEXED, you can almost taste it yourself! This video reeks of fresh kills and sweet, sticky blood, and takes you into the mind of the band. It’s a sick and twisted place full

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A very special tour kicks off today featuring Texas Crust // Doom specialists DEAD TO A DYING WORLD, and on select dates our comrades in Doom UZALA. All I can say is that if these bands are coming to your city, make sure to make time to go and catch

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You are about to experience visual and audio insanity!!! Check out this way fucking beyond raging video of SISSY SPACEK killing shit at the Handbag Factory. It should be noted that they have an unreal new vocalist, Sara from Youth Code, and she brings the pain! SISSY SPACEK have a

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Label: Dais Records One does not tend to think of Los Angeles as a very “black metal” locale. It really is the direct opposite of isolationism, freezing temperatures, melancholy or anything that would make it appealing to misanthrope black metal stereotypes. The entire populist world has had a love affair

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One of our favorite dark punk bands coming out of NYC right now is Anasazi. Right here and now, check out this epic performance captured by (((unARTigNYC)))…Read the CVLT Nation & Anasazi interview HERE!

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This is just so fucking rad! THOU & THE BODY collaborative full set! Nuff respect to PITFULLOFSHIT for capturing this moment in heavy history! THOU & THE BODY record Released From Love is out now on Vinyl Rites

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