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4:20 is almost upon us, so I wanted to represent with a post from a band that always elevates my high: WEEDEATER. In 2012, they gave a bongadelic performance at Churchill’s in Florida and today we would like to share the whole stoneriffic event with you! CVLT Nation salutes South

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– A love letter of sorts by Ralph Planks (with more words of adoration by Mike Hill/Tombs) – ”I have the official OK from Epitaph to do a Vinyl print of “Kollapse’”…was probably the most thrilling sentence I received in an Email this year. My friend Maik from Apocaplexy Records

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CORRECTIONS HOUSE‘s new video for their song “Grin With a Purpose” is pure visual drugs! Their new single is out now on War Crime Recordings – nuff said! NOW Watch the CORRECTIONS HOUSE video…

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If a had to pick a band that I love listening to on a rainy day, SLOWDIVE would be at the top of the list! Something about this band always puts me into a dream state that I do not want to wake up from. Today come along with me

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The Body are about to release a new EP entitled Master, We Perish on April 30th via At A Loss Recordings. They have just put out a disturbing video for their song “The Ebb and Flow of Tides in a Sea of Ash” directed by Richard Rankin. So after the

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All hail this band – VENOM changed the way we banged our heads in the 80’s. They were also a huge unifying factor that brought punks and metal heads together back in the day. When I think back to how we all use to get along, no matter how long

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The forever radical SPIRITUALIZED are on a mini-US tour right now. The band performed at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn on April 2nd, and our comrade (((unartig))) captured a good part of their stellar set. The next best thing to going to a SPIRITUALIZED show is watching spot-on footage of

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Graves At Sea is one of the greatest American Heavy bands to exist, their powerful brand of Rock music is better known as DOOM, a sub-genre of Metal that is built off the emphasis of Crushing Heaviness and Dirty Rock’n’Roll. Imagine your favorite Black Sabbath record but blown out with

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Gothenburg’s AGE OF WOE are back, and trust me, by the sounds of their new music they are not fucking around! Their new album is entitled INHUMANFORM and will be released via Suicide Records/Give Praise Records on May 30th. CVLT Nation salutes AGE OF WOE for giving us the opportunity

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It’s no secret we are totally digging the new AOSOTH record IV: Arrow In Heart that is coming out on Agonia Records on April 16th. They have just released a dynamic video for the closing track “Ritual Marks Of Penitence.” This stellar visual was directed by Matthieu Spinazzola and David

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Excuse me as I plug in my vaporizer and make my way back to my screen to watch one of my all time favorite bands. For years, a week has not gone by when I have not listened to SLEEP. Travel on the weed caravan with me and check out

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Boxes are made for different things, but not to hold anyone’s creative spirit – at least this is how I feel! BURNT BOOKS are the kind of band that puts their passion for making the music they love first. The end result is epicly weird angular punk, seething with conviction.

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