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Now this great news: BELGRADO is working on a new album which I can not wait for and I know I’m not alone. Check this out – they have just put out a video for one of their new songs called “Untitled.” From seeing this visual, I know the BELGRADO

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So what do we have here? A brand new video from my old time homies HIEROGLYPHICS called “Gun Fever.” Not only is this track super funky with a catchy hook, but the subject matter is on point – tackle the gun violence! Everyone in the crew spits ballistic verses that

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Yesterday, The BODY released their new EP Master, We Perish via At A Loss Recordings, plus they put out a drugged-out video for their tune “Worship.” Watching this trippy fucking visual only adds to why I dig this band so much! Check out the new The BODY video for “Worship”

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Addaura, Batillus, Atriarch, Old Iron at the Highline bar.
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Two days ago, one of our favorite bands had their record release party in Brooklyn. I’m talking about BATILLUS, who performed their new album Concrete Sustain in full! Pit Full of Shit was on hand to capture their intense performance of this outstanding album. If I write the list for

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Hey you…come a little closer so I can whisper something into your ear…DBC, aka Dangerous Boys Club, have just released a new album entitled Pris via Dais Records. For their song “Tranzilvania” they have created an 11 minute video that we are premiering here today on CVLT Nation…Get your glam

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Heavy beauty, melodic dissonance and uplifting d-tuned sonic food for the human condition are the thoughts that come to my mind as I listen to the new PRAY FOR TEETH song “Swallow The Ground.” This song is DIY blues, not in a straight ahead sense, but because the way it

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Rage loud and ride the flames of hell! BLACK BREATH fucking wrecked shop at the Knitting Factory in New York a week ago. Our videographer comrade Pit Full of Shit was on had to capture the band’s sonic onslaught! Check out the full 46 minutes of mayhem here at CVLT

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This is just too fucking funny – Coachella 2013 dipshits lie through their teeth, and Jimmy Kimmel gets them with Lie Witness News! Some people have said this might be a stunt, but whatever the case, it’s pretty funny and quite easily believeable…Get your laugh ON!

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Wreck & Reference have always played by their own rules, which has made them a CVLT Nation favorite since day one of this site. They have another genre-bending record coming out on The Flenser next month, a 7 inch called No Content. Today Wreck & Reference just released a killer

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So much good music came out in 1984 it was hard to keep track. One record that touched my life maybe more than any other was The Cult’s Dreamtime. In my book, this might be the best album the band ever created – all of the elements were on point!

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Roadburn 2013 has come to an end and it looks like Walter and crew have put on another perfect fest! CVLT Nation salutes all of the bands who performed this weekend and everyone who went to Roadburn! Today check out our first video essay featuring some of our favorite bands.

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Old punks don’t die, they reunite. Under the name FLAG, Keith Morris (vocals), Chuck Dukowski (bass), Dez Cadena (guitar/vocals) and Bill Stevenson (drums), with Descendents/All guitarist Stephen Egerton, have come together to form their version of BLACK FLAG. This past week, they performed a secret show at the Redondo Beach

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