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Dawn Ray’d is a very special band, as many of you already know. Now it’s time to peep this insanely awesome footage of them performing at South London Scum which was captured by our comrade RIFF Underground. Any of you lucky motherfuckers going to Roadburn this year will catch them on

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The short film More Hate Than Fear is a very intense look at a young UK graffiti writer navigating his way through the first months of his 3½ year prison sentence. This film was written by Molly Manning Walker and directed by Billy Boyd Cape. Prison is another form of living hell,

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The other day, Sean and I watched a documentary about “extreme haunts” – haunted attractions that have stepped up their game when it comes to scaring their guests shitless. I’m pretty wimpy when it comes to haunted houses; I’m happy with creepy music, dark hallways and cheesy monsters jumping out

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I truly believe that we are living in the best era of extreme Underground music. The world is an incredibly fucked up place, and in these trying times you can look to artists and musicians to reflect the oppressive and debilitating energy that surrounds us all. True pain and sorrow

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I remember the night I went to see Public Image Limited in San Francisco at the Fort Manson Center – the year was 1984. Something about that night was special, because over 30 years later I remember that show vividly. One thing that really stuck with me was the opening

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Coming off their Breathless EP released last year, Child of Night‘s track “Graves” now has a music video! This band emits soft and dancey darkwave out of Columbus, OH. “Graves” is easily the most somber track on Breathless, evoking a cold and rainy atmosphere, the music video completes the experience with

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