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There’s noting like a Lynch film to bring on the creep factor. He just turned 70, and is working on the highly anticipated new Twin Peaks series airing next year, and I’m excited to see how he will out-creep himself with this new incarnation. He has in spades what I

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HAILS!!!!!!! DARK THRONE, live in Oslo 1990! Nuff Said…      

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There are only hours left for you to own a strangely unimpressive sketch drawn in the 1970s by none other than Doctor Anton Szandor LaVey! Far from being images of the Dark Lord inked in blood, these are weird doodles of animals and people that would be at home in any

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The Chaos Raids USA tour is well under way, and 1349, Tombs and Full of Hell have been carving a path through the Northeast with their hellish soundscapes! Today we’re stoked to bring you their full sets from St.Vitus in Brooklyn, courtesy of our comrade in heavy Pitfullofshit. If you are one

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As Glenn Danzig once wisely said, “To some people heavy metal is Motörhead and to others it’s Judas Priest.” So, for all you Priest heads, here’s a full VHS rip of Judas Priest live in Dortmund in 1983. RIP Lemmy, I hope you heard your homie Halford’s words at your funeral!

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Spiked Hair, Painted Leather Jackets, Doc Martens and ABRASIVE WHEELS all went together in my mind when I was a youngster! Their debut When the Punks Go Marching In is a classic in my book. It’s full of youth anthems that still to this very day make me think of UNITY!

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To many, Fields of the Nephilim were looked at as being the little brothers of Sisters Of Mercy, but in all honesty this band created some kick ass songs in their own right. Check this rad full set of them performing in Düsseldorf, Germany on 31.03.1991 – from this performance

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Despite the very sanitized view of the past that our forebears promote to us youngsters, we know that there have always been people who defied society’s norms. Many people were attracted to the flip side of God’s light, whether that be a scientific atheism or the worship of the Prince

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Many heads that grew up in the early 80’s scene started to have a more open mind when it came to music by the mid 80’s. A big part of this was the label SST, because they were putting out bands that were brave enough to go against the status

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Earlier this week, I suggested a nice, horrific Christmas movies for all of you who prefer something less sickeningly sweet and more sickening for your holiday viewing pleasure. Today I have another one, a 2010 dark comedy/suspense film from Finland entitled Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. This film is all about

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Rotterdam’s GOLD have put together a terrifying video together for their tune “And I Know Now” off their recent release No Image via Profound Lore and it doesn’t feature anything dark, creepy or bloody. Instead it’s a glimpse into the uniquely American phenomenon of the Black Friday Sale rampage. Like

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Christmas is that time of year when Hollywood digs up whatever flailing, middle aged actors need a last ditch effort at bringing money into the box office and makes them a doddering Dad in a heartwarming and increasingly brainless big-budget holiday movie. Actually, it’s a good indicator of whose career

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