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For now and forever, Siouxsie and the Banshees will have a special place in my musical universe. Not only has this band made some of my favorite music, but they have also written words that have painted my imagination with vivid colors. As a front person, Siouxsie Sioux has always

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How awesome is MOGWAI? I would say that they are very fucking AWESOME! How stoked was when I saw them live at the Bowery Ballroom in 1999? Honestly, they blew my fucking mind, and I could not get enough of them. Check out this majestic full set of MOGWAI doing

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Without apology, I’m the first to admit that our whole family is addicted to the occult-infused riffs of ELECTRIC WIZARD. That is why I wanted to share this rad footage of the Wizard killing it at Roskilde Festival. When I see our 2 year old head banging to “Funeralopolis,” it makes me

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For decades, BOLT THROWER has been punishing fans with their crushing brand of death metal. Today I want to look at how BOLT THROWER used to wreck shop during the 90’s, so I unearthed this insane footage of them from 1992. Their performance on this night was truly intense, and

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THE HEIGHT OF GOTH: 1984: A Night at the Xclusiv Nightclub is a glimpse into a scene that was not documented the way it should have been. What I love about this film is that it is about the everyday people that loved Goth in the early 80’s and say it

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Open the fucking door in the name of a ELEPHANT RIFLE – we are about to kick a hole in your reality with this drugged-out angular brand of noise rock! We did a full stream of the band’s album Ivory back in May. Now they are back with a rad video for

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