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New York in the 80’s was a weird and fucked up place, full of weirdos who gave the city its color! I was a little kid living on the west coast, but I would read the Village Voice weekly trying to see what was happening in the NYC art and punk

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Way before there was ever the term “street punk,” there was G.B.H., and they fucking rocked!!! I get chills thinking about the first time I saw them at the Santa Monica Civic with SS Decontrol in 1983. I went to the show early, hung out with both bands and had

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A look into the film Beyond the Black Rainbow (dir. Panos Cosmatos) and linking it to 80s retro infatuation, citing sci-fi, futurism and surrealist perspectives on the cut up fabric of today’s pop culture. Retrospective vision is a powerful drug. How easy is it to slip into the memory, reminiscence

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Why is a documentary about PIMP C on CVLT Nation? Because he is an underground Legend that has influenced so many people. To me, he came in the game on some independent, diy shit that I have respect for! RIP PIMP C!      

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CVLT Nation has HUGE love for everything Siouxsie and the Banshees! So take a trip with us and watch over 2 hours of the Banshees all captured by the BBC!  

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From the ashes of Ian Curtis arose a new band that the world would know as New Order. Although they were from the grey skies of Manchester, their music transcended time and space for my generation, and their tunes reached out to us in the Bay Area and to others

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