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It’s now time to check out this brutal cult classic: CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST!

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This is just too heavy and too awesome not to share with our CVLT Nation readers! Peep the most recent NOOTHGRUSH show at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in Oakland. Nuff respect due to our comrade in video Kevin Hobbs aka roseman127…I know I’m going to blaze one and watch this full set, what

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Snuff: A Documentary About Killing on Camera is a film that sheds light on this very disturbing topic. On a personal level, I would not search out one of these movies to watch myself, but that being said I found this documentary really interesting. Here is your chance to watch

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Apocalyptic BluesFeaturedFilmFull Sets

LOW makes sad music for happy times…Check out this intimate full set of them performing in 1995 at a record store in L.A.. I can not speak for everyone, but LOW is a band that took my reality out of a dark place back in the day…Now I can see

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Check out this unreal footage of Los Crudos wrecking shop at this year’s Hardcore Stadium! Seeing Martin doing his thing is an inspiration and I have nothing but respect for the crowd. PUNK IS NOT DEAD AT ALL! I feel 13 again watching this, and that is one reason why

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Have you heard of the fucked up story of Judith Ann Neelley? She was a child bride who would later become a serial killer…Below you can watch a documentary that sheds light on how this young women became a taker of human life!

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Last week a group of rad people came together on a beautiful Vancouver day and showed love and support that will stay with us for a lifetime! We drank beers, lit fireworks and skated the backyards and alleyways of this fine city, and it was all captured by our comrades

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I’m sure every person that reviews albums on this site has their own certain process for doing so, be it staring off into space, getting stoned or just initially drawing comparisons to other bands to help build off of. Fister’s new release, simply titled IV, forced me to reinvent the

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WTF!!!!!! The new MUTTER video “Dry Cum” is a head fuck to say the least. It’s ugly times ugly, but I can not stop looking away. The music and the visuals pull you into his mad fucking world, and all you want to do is press replay to start the

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The latest installment of Ivan Weiss and Sam Stephenson’s Big, Bent Ears: A Serial in Documentary Uncertainty covers Nazoranai, an improvisational group consisting of Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O’Malley, and the legendary noise artist Keiji Haino. The fifty-minute documentary combines interviews with each member of Nazoranai with pieces of their amazing

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The Grey Man, Werewolf of Wysteria, The Boogey Man and The Brooklyn Vampire were all nicknames  for Albert Fish, the cannibalistic child killer. The documentary you are about to watch will shed light on this real life monster! Albert Fish Documentary by Doc4utv

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NOISE NOISE NOISE Big Black live in Bremen, Germany captured by (((unartignyc)))…This 1987 full set is so on point and is a must see for any Big Black FAN!

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