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ALL OUT DESPAIR!! ALL OUT MINDROT!!! Peep this rad full set from 1992 of  this unreal band covering the stage in DOOM! Respect due to KILLTHATCAT for having such a spot on archive of all things HEAVY!

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Pure Death awaits… check out this stellar footage of the mighty Mitochondrion destroying shit in France last year! If you live in the Northwest, make sure you come out to see them perform at this year’s multi-day fest The Covenant, featuring an unreal line up! [ot-video]Video Credits: another deadly event from Wolf

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This is no joke – on April 1st, RULE OF THIRDS will embark on their 1st North American tour! Their soon to be released album is the bomb from beginning to end! Right here and now, we have been given the honor to premiere their new tune “The River” below…Will

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In 1982, punks hated long hairs – we thought they were all hippies and we wanted nothing to do with them. In D.C. there was one long-haired band that reigned supreme, and they went by the name of The Obsessed. They were fronted by a dude named Wino, who looked

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UNHOLY GRAVE all the way brutal, all the way live – captured by PITFULLOFSHIT…Nuff Said…Rest In Grind Mr. Hironori “Hee-Chung” Suzuki! [ot-video][/ot-video]

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Credit: Jim Wilson

It is possible that as many as 1600 people have died by jumping from San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge. To date, only thirty-four people are known to have survived the jump, all of them coming away with broken bones from the 245-foot, four second long drop into water that is

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With financing from the BBC and Ringo Starr, Lorne and Lawrence Blair set off from England to Indonesia in 1972 to create their award winning documentary ‘Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey’. Along their journey, Lorne contracted an eye infection. Taking the advice of locals, they went to see a

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Check out this killer documentary of everything primate! The OLD MAN GLOOM film Here Is A Gift For You is a must for any OMG fan! [ot-video][/ot-video]

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Check out the new NESSERIA visual for their song “Des rues ordinaries” directed by Florian Belmonte.  Read what the band has to say about this video below! [ot-video] Clip Nesseria – “Des rues ordinaires” from Florian Belmonte on Vimeo. [/ot-video] VF :   Voici notre premier clip, illustrant “Des Rues Ordinaires“,

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Björk means so much to me that words can not do it justice! The day I first heard Kukla, I was hooked…32 years later, I am still a HUGE FAN…Today I want to share with you this spot on documentary Inside Björk, created by the BBC…What does Björk mean to

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All right, here’s the new video from ELECTRIC CITIZEN “Light Years Beyond” and it fucking ROCKS!!!! I won’t do it justice if I talk about it, so just watch it!  

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Salem’s Pot is a band that we have championed since we first heard them. They get better with each release and show no sign of stopping now! Their last couple of releases on Riding Easy have been the soundtrack to our THC space travel. Last year, Salem’s Pot performed in

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