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One night in Brooklyn, two unreal bands wreak uncut havoc! Watch PORTAL & IMPETUOUS RITUAL kill shit, captured by our comrade Frank Huang aka PITFULLOFSHIT!

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A few weeks ago, we announced our partnership with Vancouver-based music mag Not Your Scene with a viewing party/house show at The Salmon Derby in East Van. Now we can share these unseen videos with the world…the first two we posted yesterday, and today’s are of Vancouver band EROSION (featuring members

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Only one sport has been sanctioned by punk rock, and that is skateboarding! I saw it happen with my own eyes – all of the aggro 70’s skater kids became punks in the early 80’s. From my point of view, it was a natural progression for both of these subcultures to unify

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Aidan Baker and Eric Quach, mainly of Nadja and thisquietarmy respectively, do not really need much of an introduction. Their activity on the experimental drone scene has been documented brilliantly by their numerous releases and collaborations through the years. Hypnodrone Ensemble is not even the first time that these two

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A few weeks ago, we announced our partnership with Vancouver-based music mag Not Your Scene with a viewing party/house show at The Salmon Derby in East Van. Hashteroid killed it to a packed-in crowd and the awesome film skills of the Not Your Scene team were projected on to the big screen.

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I loved the world before MTV, before they started to co-opt the underground! In the early 80’s, weirdos found their kindred spirits on late night TV. In Los Angeles, we had New Wave Theater hosted by the late Peter Ivers. He championed the sonic freak circus while other media outlets wanted to

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Now this is just right up my alley: a full set of UFOMAMMUT wrecking shop in Brooklyn captured by our comrade Frank Huang aka PITFULLOFSHIT.  UFOMAMMUT are on a statewide tour with our homies USNEA – make sure to get heavy when they come to your town!

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Cropsey is a 2009 documentary directed  by Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio that will creep you the fuck out. These filmmakers examine the NYC boogeyman-like figure Andre Rand, a convicted child kidnapper from Staten Island. Everything about this film will get under your skin and will show that reality is

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You could call this just another coming of age movie about young black males growing up in the inner city, but Juice is way more than that…All of the cast give spot on performances, but Tupac steals the film with his dark portrayal of a maniac. It’s now time to peep

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Hot damn, things got real HEAVY at this year’s PSYCHO California, which featured one of the best line-ups I have seen anywhere. I know why I could not make it, and it was a pretty legit reason, but I will be there for sure next year! It’s now time to check

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UNDERPASS is one of those bands that makes me feel GOOD to do what we do! Get ready to peep their first ever video for their song “Pain Of Trust” that will make you love an already killer tune even more! This honest and groovy visual was directed by Julian

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Who had one of the biggest singing voices of the 80’s hardcore scene? Hands down, I would say Gary Floyd. This dude can really fucking sing – if Ella Fitzgerald and Jello Bifaria had a bastard, he would be their offspring. His Texas band The Dicks rocked stages all over the state with

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