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Last year Finland’s OPIUM WARLORDS released their last LP called Droner on Svart Records. If you don’t know, now you know – this band creates music without boundaries and are totally in tune with their creative freedom. It’s now time for you to check out their new visual for the

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VOWWS isn’t a band that allows for a definitive genre: the tracks are industrial and synth-filled, yet with eerie undertones that make the mood foreboding enough to rival the catchier elements. The self-proclaimed “industrial pop” duo, made up of Australia-to-LA transplants Matt and Rizz, release their second full-length, Under the World,

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Anyone who is a fan of horror and gore needs to check out the masterpieces created by PALLBEARER PRESS! What’s your favorite horror movie? Chances are Pallbearer Press has made it into a sick tee. Alucarda? Hellraiser? The Exorcist? Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Ilsa? Suspiria? All of these and more are

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The latest LP from Dawn Ray’d, The Unlawful Assembly (out now on Prosthetic Records Halo of Flies Records Feast of Tentacles), kicks fucking ass and I love the way that it blends the sounds of the new world with the sounds of the old world. It is also freaking awesome seeing a band take

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Check out this new documentary called  Death Row Chronicles that breaks down the demise of one of Hip Hop’s greatest labels. Part 1 focuses on the Boogie Man of the West Coast, Suge Knight. It trips me out watching a film like this, because it brings me back to a certain

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UNHOLY TRIPLE FUCK ATONE IS THE SHIT! I say this because looking at the killer video from their debut last month you can see that this band is heavy and dismal as fuck. I am not going to talk about the band’s pedigree, because what is important to me is

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