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The mighty Captain Beefheart was on a whole different level from the rest of the world! When I was young, his music flew over my head, but now that I’m older I get where he was coming from. While watching this documentary about his life, Captain Beefheart, I realized how

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Majestic, Lonely, Introspective and Vast are some of the words that come to my mind while I watch the THISQUIETARMY video “From Darkness,” off his new album entitled Hex Mountains, out now on Denovali Records. Now it’s time for you to check out this mind-bending visual from THISQUIETARMY.

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Have you ever been so shattered by a work of art that it caused you to hallucinate? Apparently, this is a thing. The last time I went to a gallery, I was reminded why I don’t go to more contemporary art shows. A piece of tinfoil and a bunch of

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Ain’t no shame in our game – just check our resume, we are HUGE fans of the NAILS at CVLT Nation. This past weekend, they performed at The Echo in L.A. with B’last. Jim Bob & Garrett Gutierrez caught all of the off the chain madness on tape. Now it’s

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The Devil Baby Attack is a promo video for the upcoming film Devil’s Due about the latest in a long line of devil’s spawn, and its fucking hilarious!!!! A semi-realistic demon baby pilots itself around the streets of NYC luring in unsuspecting bystanders with its plaintive cries, only to scream

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For many days in 2013, I would start off my day by blasting the GRAVE BABIES‘ Crusher. In my book, this band created the perfect subversive pop record of the year, and with each listen I would fall deeper into their world. This is why I’m ultra stoked that CVLT

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Just like their music, the new RUINED FAMILIES video for “Pedestal” takes you to many different places at one time! The way it’s filmed captures the emotion of the song and allows your mind to put together the puzzle of this visual. CVLT Nation is honored to be premiering the

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Thanks to MRR, I learned at a young age that there was a global community for the self expression known as Punk Rock. I got turned on to all sorts of killer bands from around the world, but I never knew about the scenes that were taking place in southern

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1984 was an awesome year; my mom had just kicked me out, so I moved from L.A to S.F and lived in peace punk bliss. During this time, I really started getting into positive punk & some of my favorite voices were female. I mean, when I first listened to

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Phil Lynott – The Outlaw is an in-depth documentary that takes a look at this rock icon’s career. The interview with his mom sheds light on what the world was like when he was born. Long Live Thin Lizzy!

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From the ashes of Cultus Sabbati comes HK8, and their music is pretty intense. The first song I have heard from this band is a cover Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows.” To go along with this tune, HK8 has created a very powerful video and it’s on honor to be premiering

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Being a child of the 70’s, Stevie Nicks’ voice was always around me and was a part of my days growing up in Venice. Even now, at least once a week or more we have her voice blasting out of our speakers. As parents, when we see our little girl

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