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Off kilter sounds ground my mind in reality – music that is to easy to digest is never fun! I love a sonic challenge because it makes me feel alive, and the people that create this kind of music inspire me. Case in point is the experimental noise unit BLOODYMINDED from

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Slow moving death, slow moving pain, slow moving torment, slow moving blues are some of the words that come to my mind as I listen to the new DISROTTED album called CRYOGENICS !!! Both Feast of Tentacles (UK) and Nerve Altar (US) will be releasing this Gargantuan Alien DOOM Beast

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On July 31st, 1983, my 14 year old self took a bus from Santa Monica all the way to the Cathay de Grande in Hollywood. The reason I made this journey was to watch the matinee show that featured Black Flag, Redd Kross and The Bangles in front about 15

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With a few months before Baroness’s new record Gold and Grey, Cvlt Nation looks back over their long career to piece together how they got to this stage, tracing their sound and art evolution. Here, we go return to Second, their refined but largely-ignored EP that sets the scene for

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HALSHUG HALSHUG HALSHUG – I really fucking dig this band and every release they have put out is top fucking notch! The good news is that they are set to drop a new record called Drøm on July 19th via Southern Lord. Today we have given the honor of sharing with

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If humanity was a human it would be a diseased ridden living corpse on the verge of death that was infected by the corruption of man! I am not alone in saying that bands have the power to shed light on all of the fucked shit in the world and

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