August 28, 2014

Salad Days:
The DC Punk Revolution
Documentary Trailer//
Photo Essay

Jul 27, 2012 0 1  

Straight up and down, I’m a Venice local for life, and although the early 80′s SoCal hardcore movement nurtured me, part of me has a deep affinity for the 80′s ...

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Texas 80′s Hardcore!…
Big Boys & M.D.C
Rare Footage Now Showing!

Jul 26, 2012 1 0  

I guess you could say that back in the day when it came to Longhorn Punk Rock/Hardcore, everything is weird from Texas. 3 bands that stood out to me from ...

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Teenagers From Mars…
1978 @ Max’s Kansas City Download!

Jul 26, 2012 2 0  

I’m not even going to write that much, just know that right here and now, you can download a full set of The Misfits recorded live in 1978 @ Max’s ...

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Belgian Aural mutilation – VVovnds review!

Jul 22, 2012 1 0  

While everyone is busy getting off on another “blackened crust band with grindcore influences” that popped up some might overlook the new – actually cool – bands that spring forth ...

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Under the Big Black Sun…X 1983 Live In Chicago
Download + Stream

Jul 19, 2012 0 1  

I’m not even going to write that much, just know that right here and now, you can download a full set of X, recorded live in 1983 in Chicago. I ...

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80′s Punk Flyers Galore!

Jul 18, 2012 1 3  

We all live, but when do we know we are not only living life but making history, or being a part of a historical movement? I didn’t know in the ...

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Unreal Visual History:
Whirlwind Hardcore vol.2
Video Compilation From The ’80s.

Jul 16, 2012 1 0  

Fucking amazing!! WHIRLWIND HARDCORE Vol 2 PT.1 is showing today on CVLT Nation. This collection of live footage from the likes of Extreme Noise Terror, Cathedral, Raw Noise, Nausea, Go, ...

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A Portrait of Los Angeles
Post-Punk Underground
1977-1987 Vol. 6 Article + Download

Jul 3, 2012 0 2  

This is beyond killer – Brian Stefans has done the world of underground music a great favor. On his L.A. Post Punk blog he has compiled a sonic portrait of ...

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Radness Over Britain
Divorce & Perspex Flesh

Jun 29, 2012 0 4  

Divorce The Heroes of Glasgow “Nae Wave”? Unholy Noise Rock terrorists? Post Punk gone Metal? But not metal. But definitely channelling a recurrent theme in metal. Guitars and drums that ...

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Serving Time In The Middle Of Liverpool:
An Interview With Iron Witch

Jun 26, 2012 0 1  

As you can read here and here, I quickly became quite a fanboy of Liverpudlian Sludge freaks IRON WITCH. They definetely have more than enough potential to become a big ...

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