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Today I came across this 1985 article from the L.A. Times I wanted to share with you. The feature is about FFF (which started out as whack 80’s hardcore band), a pretty much all-white punk gang from the valley. It’s an interesting read about something I lived through as a

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What up Mofos, are you ready for NOISE? Well, I know what will do the job for you – a full set of BIG BLACK destroying CBGB’s in 1986…You mean jack shit to me, so just enjoy the sounds of these NOISE Rock warriors! Filmed by Greg Fasolino

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This is super radness – peep this stellar full set from Youth Attack Records‘ Anxiety Hammer captured by Hate5six. All of this hardcore ruckus went down in Philly…Nuff said, this band is John Blaze AWESOME!  

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This feature is about two things: one, that I love the early DC punk scene; and two, the DC punk flyers. I remember that collecting show posters was a part of the experience of being young and going to shows. These pieces of paper sometimes had really rad art on them that would

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It’s our first sale as the CVLT Nation Bizarre, and it’s a good one! From Friday, Nov. 27th to Monday, Nov 30th, more than 30 of our U.S. vendors will be offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all of their items! This means free shipping on items like patches and pins,

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1983 to 1984 was a crazy year in my life and in the world. Apartheid was oppressing the non-whites of South Africa and had seemed like it would never end. The threat of Nuclear War was on all of our minds, especially with made for TV movies like The Day After being aired. The

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