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Black Flag - TV Party Disc
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In 1983, there weren’t very many ways to see hardcore on TV, and not too many people were documenting this subculture on film. We did have Target Video from San Francisco and they knew how to combine live footage that was filmed in their studios with weird archival footage to

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The Misfits featuring Danzig on vocals is one of my all time favourite bands. I got to see them perform a couple of songs at the Black Flack Reunion show at the Santa Monica Civic in 1983, and I’m still wishing I had seen their full set. This is a

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How much chaos can you fit in eight and a half minutes? Well, according to Obliterations’s debut EP, a fair fucking bit. The four songs found here are anthems of mayhem and disorder, wrapped in an inexplicable amount of anger and raw energy. The clue is that even though the

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Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust Inc.
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I just spent 14 minutes watching another inspiring episode of The Art Of Punk, this one about the story behind the Dead Kennedy‘s logo & the art of Winston Smith. One of my best New Year’s Eves ever happened in 1984 – it was a Dead Kennedy’s gig and they

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Copia (3) de CCI00008
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For now and forever, The Misfits are one of my favorite bands. They are blasted a least once a week in CVLT Nation HQ. I recently found this killer full set of them performing in Los Angeles in 1982. This is a must-see video for any Misfits fan – on

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What was the sign of a good hardcore logo during the 80’s? If kids could write it out themselves on their notebooks, tees, shoes etc…then you knew you had a winner. One of the most iconic logos ever has to be the Black Flag bars. Our homie Bryan Ray Turcotte

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Every time I think that I’ve heard it all, that there are no more exciting bands and that there’s nothing happening anymore in Germany’s Hardcore scene, a band like NOTHING comes around and proves me wrong. Without warning, Berlin’s NOTHING (not to be confused with the shoegaze Nothing from Philly

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Sometimes shit pisses you off, so you need to go see a good punk show. This last Friday I was just chipper as hell, so I showed up with just the right attitude for a dingy New Brunswick, New Jersey basement show featuring Altered Boys at the helm. It was

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I’m glad that I have always been a music nerd, because it means I have been able to watch scenes grow from afar. This is exactly how I got into New York Hardcore early on. I would go to my local book shop and gaze at the Village Voice every

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Insane, Skater for Life, Father, Dictator, Dreamer, Will Never Grow up begins to describe Brewce Martin who runs Skatopia. In 2010, a film called Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy came out about him, his crew of skate rats and the gnarly fest that they put on once a year. If

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If you ask people my age what music first really opened their mind, many of them would say funk – it was our gateway to punk. P-Funk Parliament-Funkadelic created a universe that molded our minds into young weirdos. After seeing George Clinton and his band of freaks perform in outlandish

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Dallas crossover thrash titans Power Trip has been making a name for themselves since the release of their 2008 demo tape. The band has toured nonstop, recently completing a tour with Expire and Xibalba and making appearances at festivals such as The Rumble and New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.

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