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These were my favorite recordings that were released in 2014. Listed in reverse alphabetical order covering a variety of different artists creating Death Metal, Hardcore Punk, Trip Hop, Underground Rap & Indie Rock. Wreck and Reference – “Want”, (((Experimental Duo from Davis/Los Angeles))) Witchrist – “Vritra”, (((Primitive Death Metal Ooze

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I WANNA DIE are a new hardcore punk band from Oakland, California – notoriously the home of all things filthy, violent and fucked when it comes to certain types of punk and metal. That said, don’t expect anything nice to surface from this demo, because all you will find instead

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It’s on like Donkey Kong (damn, I just dated myself): here is our last label feature of 2014. Today we shine much-deserved light on the Chicago punk label High Fashion Industries, which is a home to some of our favorite Raw Punk and DIY Hardcore bands. What I love about

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The two east coast cities that had the biggest impact on Hardcore in the 80’s were D.C. and Boston (Sorry NYC). The bands coming out of these places resonated with me and all of my homies. We did not get mad when they named their comp “This Is Boston Not

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Dipping into the review bag for the next promo brings forth Hell’s Headbangers Records’ Abysmal Lord and their 12” MLP, Storms of Unholy Black Mass. Anyone familiar with HHR, will find Abysmal Lord quite fitting for the label, as Storms of Unholy Black Mass presents a whirlwind bestial black/death metal

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via The Run Out written by John Gentile You will never understand everything in the Rudimentary Peni discography. You could spend a lifetime examining and evaluating the shards in the band’s work, feeling like you are getting closer to a fundamental truth. Even if you’re lucky enough to be able

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