August 29, 2014

HEAVY HOUR (((666))) – Featuring

Aug 23, 2013 1 4  

I’ve captured a bunch of killer bands performing recently that I’d like to share with you on this edition of The Heavy Hour. Featured first, is VHOL, from San Francisco, ...

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Get your Laugh ON!
The Day My Kid Went Punk
Movie Now Showing!

Aug 23, 2013 2 1  

The ABC After School Special from 1987 titled The Day My Kid Went Punk brings back so many memories about how misunderstood kids were in the 80′s. This absurd film ...

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Sick Raw Punk!!!
Self-Titled Tape Review + Footage

Jul 30, 2013 2 2  

Canadian hardcore band Acousma have really set the bar high with their self-titled cassette EP released this past May. This tape is gritty, raw and completely mosh-worthy, falling somewhere between ...

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Full 1983 Target Video
Now Showing

Jul 12, 2013 1 1  

In 1983, there weren’t very many ways to see hardcore on TV, and not too many people were documenting this subculture on film. We did have Target Video from San ...

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CVLT Nation’s
Favorite Tumblr Right Now:

Jul 12, 2013 1 0  

The Misfits featuring Danzig on vocals is one of my all time favourite bands. I got to see them perform a couple of songs at the Black Flack Reunion show ...

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Obliterations – s/t Review

Jul 10, 2013 0 2  

How much chaos can you fit in eight and a half minutes? Well, according to Obliterations’s debut EP, a fair fucking bit. The four songs found here are anthems of ...

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The Art Of Punk Documentary:
The Story Behind:Dead Kennedys
The Art of Winston Smith
Now Showing!

Jun 26, 2013 0 0  

I just spent 14 minutes watching another inspiring episode of The Art Of Punk, this one about the story behind the Dead Kennedy‘s logo & the art of Winston Smith. ...

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Walk Among Us…
Rare MISFITS 1982 Full Set
Now Showing!

Jun 17, 2013 0 3  

For now and forever, The Misfits are one of my favorite bands. They are blasted a least once a week in CVLT Nation HQ. I recently found this killer full ...

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The Art Of Punk Documentary:
The Story Behind…
Now Showing!

Jun 17, 2013 0 39  

What was the sign of a good hardcore logo during the 80′s? If kids could write it out themselves on their notebooks, tees, shoes etc…then you knew you had a ...

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Embrace the hatred…
NOTHING Review + Stream

Jun 4, 2013 0 4  

Every time I think that I’ve heard it all, that there are no more exciting bands and that there’s nothing happening anymore in Germany’s Hardcore scene, a band like NOTHING ...

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