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Venice, CA is tiny beach town that has had a HUGE impact on underground youth culture. This place has given the world some unreal illustrators, and one of them goes by the name of RIC CLAYTON or RxC for short. He is a true OG Suicidal Boy and the band’s

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Deathrock has become a buzzword – I doubt this is news to anyone with an internet connection. Go on Bandcamp’s “deathrock” tag and you’ll see a strange assortment of Sisters Of Mercy wannabes, horrendous goth metal, industrial/dance goth, and even bad college town twee bands who also tag themselves as

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Usually when we would leave a show in the 80’s, there would always be people standing outside handing you flyers to the next show, something that’s lasted through the decades. One way to make sure people did not throw them away was by having killer art on them. Not only did many illustrators

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Hot damn, this is just fucking AWESOME! A 1983 full set of Minor Threat straight wrecking shop @ the 9:30. They were one band I never got to see because my mom would always put me on punishment whenever they came to town. I still have regrets of going to see the

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Who were the most un-PC band around when I was growing up? At the top of my list is the MEATMEN! I don’t remember them playing in SoCal during the 80’s, but I do remember me and my homies loved their first album. We were also huge fans of their merch and would roam around

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Being  a punk in SoCal during the early 80’s was not an easy thing to do or be, but compared to other parts of the world, we had it pretty good! I’m just saying – yeah, some of us came from fucked up hoods with mad gangs, but places like Yugoslavia

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America’s Hardcore was an 80’s hardcore band that in their short lifetime made a major impact! They were more than a band to me – they were people I looked up to, especially Drew Bernstein, who later became not only one of my best friends, but also was my legal

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Would CVLT Nation be what it is without MRR? The answer is hell no! That zine changed changed my life and gave me information that I still use until this very day. Check out this portrait essay of 80’s American Hardcore. Looking at these pictures brings back many memories of friends

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Straight up, BUTTHOLE SURFERS are an acid trip come to life!!! Out of any band that I saw in the 80’s, this band freaked me out the most. One night, I accidentally walked into one of their shows and out of nowhere I started to feel like I was high

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In the handful of large-scale music events I’ve attended in the past fifteen years, none have captured my attention or energy like the King of the Monsters Records Fest (KOTM). Taking place from July 31st to August 1st, in Tempe, Arizona’s Nile Theater, KOTM’s existence and success is owed to

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All Skrewed Up has endured. Skrewdriver, the reviled oi of RAC ilk, are no more. The inventor and sole member, Ian Stuart Donaldson, died in a car crash in 1993. Ideally, you won’t find White Rider in a friend’s record collection, but you may find All Skrewed Up. I’ve always

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JOHN Fucking BRANNON has created 80’s hardcore with his band Negative Approach. Check out this rad documentary about a living legend from the 80’s. I loved Negative Approach back in the day, and still do to this day. Detroit Punks Episode 1 now showing below…What’s rad about this visual is that

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