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KADAVAR‘s recent album Abra Kadavar released April 13th via Nuclear Blast has earned this German old school psychedelic rock band high praise, with comparisons to the likes of Pentagram and Black Sabbath. I know my Sabbath-loving daughter is losing it on my lap right now listening to “Doomsday Machine” (below)

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And so, it appears Locrian, the longtime masters of Urban Psychedelia, have deemed to announce their arrival at the Relapse stable with possibly their finest work yet. Coming on like the soundtrack for a sci fi epic yet to be made, “Return to Annihilation” is the glorious result of a

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Text and Photos by Alan Hunter Things got pretty trippy at Seattle’s Chop Suey Tuesday night. Lazer/Wulf, White Hills, Blood Ceremony, and almighty sludgers Kylesa absolutely destroyed. Before Tuesday I wasn’t too familiar with the mathy, progressive metal of Atlanta’s Lazer/Wulf but they kicked off the show with a loud,

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The very moment the needle touches the black vinyl, you are carried away to unknown terrain. All of a sudden you find yourself lost in some remote, abandoned area, disconnected from time, space, civilisation, everything. Mystical screams & whispers cut through the sound of tropical rain on corrugated tin, while

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The duo Oake rambles through the widely ramified, dimmed catacombs of the Industrial past and the Techno present of their place of residence, Berlin. Precise pulses drive the tracks through hazy drones, swirling clouds of noise and ominous moans. Their debut release “Offenbarung” is an obscure melodrama, wrapped in Modern

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BILLIE HOLIDAY represents many different things to many different people…To me, she was the originator of a vocal style that could make you feel the pain of all of the downtrodden souls around you. She was an independent woman who waved her freak flag high and did not give a

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Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats have been at the forefront of enigmatic psych-rock for a couple of years now and with their new release Mind Control consuming the senses and their recent appearance at Roadburn, the band are destined for great things. Just don’t ask for their picture, ok. Hi…Uncle

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Why is is this awesome? Because NEGATIVE STANDARDS are the shit!!! Check out this full set of their most recent show filmed by Kevin Hobbs. Make sure to give their last album VI-XI a good listen and you will recognize that this band is special…NEGATIVE STANDARDS RULE! Photo by Kevin

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On April 26th it all went down at our 2nd Anniversary show that featured some of the most amazing bands in California. Honestly, the event was a huge success with truck loads of positive energy. All of the bands performed to the highest levels of gnarlyness and you could hear

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This is just fucking unreal: The Secret, Deafheaven and Hexis all filmed in Hi-def. All three bands fucking destroyed Denmark so check out their raging full sets NOW! The Secret

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Straight up and down, I totally dig when a wife & husband team unify to create art. This is just the case with Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, who together were the foundation of The CRAMPS. They created so of the sickest tunes of their plus gave some of the

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There’s probably not much that we can say about Kylesa that you haven’t already heard a thousand times before – whether that’s the fact they go all out with two drummers, they know how to write a monstrous fucking riff, or (now brace yourselves) there’s a woman in their ranks

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