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You directed the video for “Carrion Flowers.” While your music has always complimented visual mediums, what was it like to be more hands on in this process?  And since your music has a surreal, cinematic quality to it, do movies provide inspiration for you? And if so, which ones brought

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The UK’s FVNERALS are very special band who know how to create powerful songs by using melodies shrouded in ethereal tones! The soundscape this band conjures up is the kind that you can escape into after you have had a hard day. FVNERALS have a new 7″ EP entitled The Path

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The last time High on Fire graced our mountainous shores was in 2013, so we’re ready for their summer tour to hit the weed-lined streets of Vancouver again! Their supporting lineup of Pallbearer, Lucifer and Venimous Maximus is more than welcome, too. If you haven’t yet picked up your tickets

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We all know those people in our life who seem to have a death wish. Every time you see them, they are on a mission to self-destruct. Growing up in a city like Vancouver, I have known many people whose decisions have taken them down that path. So that’s why

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Last night, I found what I think is the Best Occult Doom Release of 2015 by a band named KULT OF THE WIZARD. Their new album is entitled The White Wizard, and it is a never ending ride to Doom Valhalla, where the riffs shape-shift into magical beings! Mahle Roth’s vocals

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I’m holding hands with my past while I run to my future, knowing that what I leave behind will soon die. I look around me and see people without souls leading the masses their early graves. I hear the new TRAPPED WITHIN BURNING MACHINERY and realize that  the heavy music

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